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helps acne prevents acne not as expensive as OTC BP only 2.5 s less irritation could only buy online BLEACHES EVERYTHING Dries skin horribly too much of a hassle didn't completely cure my acne made me develop eczema horrible flakiness in first few months So I started dans regimen on novemeber '11. I kind of did my own thing though ; wash with his cleanser,BP,and moisturize with EVOO. Only used BP at night because I have pretty sensitive skin and the m

By creativedisplayname,

Cleans No strong fragrance Good price Works well w/regimen Simple Doesnt break me out A tad drying but it is not IRRITATING This is one of the best cleansers ive used . I have tried NUMEROUS cleansers from the drugstore and havent found something similar . Either they broke me out , didnt cleanse well enough , or were irrritating and very stripping . This is a very nice cleanser for the price because it is in the drugstore price range . I really reccommend it and ive

By creativedisplayname,

Smelled ok Lathered nicely Made me break out Price Drying (not extreme) I had high hopes , was very exited when I was about to purchase this item but sadly it didn't work. I only used it for a week and I know maybe I should have given it a shot for more longer but my skin was just horrible . It made me break out and it was a bit drying too. I had yo give it to another family memeber . I didn't like it whatsoever .

By creativedisplayname,