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  1. i've been around acne.org for a while , actually when my acne started getting pretty bad and this website started to get a bit addictive for me so I had to take a break , now I come here every so often. Your post caught my attention bc this is how I've been feeling , actually have been feeling since the beginning of this acne hell lol. It sucks and today I was talking about it to my mom bc I am so sick and tired of dealing with anxiety , depression (practically diagnosed , and I sonde WHY) and j
  2. I just realized I never gave a straight up reply , well update on this lol. I went makeup-free... for two months. LONGEST two months of my life. Funny enough I started weekly ceramics classes and they were hell to go to but surprisingly I went, Somedays I would feel like a freak but others,I was thankfully fine. Didn't see much difference in my acne either, I gave up makeup because I was just done, I didn't care anymore. I thought I would then be close to clear skin for good but it was not what
  3. wow first off you're a straight up b*tch , "sorry" to say it like that. Someone who has MANNERS, and not even manners, good morals and is aware that people have , idk feelings? wouldn't go around acting like an idiot saying stupid crap like that. People like you, in my view are straight up stupid(and more), going around and finding someone to judge just because they're mental. I know I may not be saying this in the nicest way but you honestly don't deserve it, or recognize it. Learn to grow up a
  4. well if you want your skin to breathe, sure go for it. It feels great to not wear makeup, actually I made a post about going "au naturale" and saying how I was going to quit makeup . Well I did....for like 2 months , and let me tell you if you are like me and have more acne scars/pigmentation than acne it freaking sucks. It was the longest 2 months of my life, and honestly I thought it would be like a huge help but it wasn't MUCH. Now I'm not saying this in a bad way,it does help, just tha
  5. People always say that to everything, when in reality, they may have seen 2 or 3 isolated cases, the same thing is said by many people regarding looks ''I always see ugly dudes with hot women, all the time'' ''I always see short guys with tall women'' etc their always/many, is more like 2 o 3 a year, if that For one, nobody knows every single person on this planet, therefore, to say ''always'', ''many'' is incorrect is like saying that east asians are taller than caucasians, just because y
  6. WHAT. Very wrong there, I have seen so may couples where the guy has acne and the girl has flawless skin or close. In fact my mom has nice skin and my dad has acne scarring bc he had bad acne, don't know if it was before they met but my mom never mentions his skin or seems to give a crap and I've seen this soooo many times, sorry but what you said sounds a bit shallow Anyways as for the question I think girls have it just as bad if not worse when it comes to acne and dating . A girl, accordin
  7. yeah , hipanic family right here. When they're insensitive, I just think "well, I don't get to choose family" which I haven't really have had issues with family members and my acne, I mean they've talked about it, not rudely, in front of meat times which I don't really care much anymore, It was embarrassing at first but then I learned to brush it off. Only have had a problem with one cousin who I don't really talk to much bc he is a jerk, and always has been and I just hate those people. I'm not
  8. Hecks yeah. It's screwed me more than anything. I actually had depression since a pretty young age so it only got worse after acne. But acne didn't start it, I've always have had self-image issues, not that I am extremely vain but sometimes IDK , some other mind takes over my own (if that makes sense). I did develop anxiety, well to be more specific, social anxiety, to the point where my mom things I'm autistic, not that it's supposed to be funny(I have a family member who IS) but I just find it
  9. this is happening to me as well. It's so frustrating please FIX this, the shipping on amazon is way too expensive , I spent 15 dollars on the 8 oz cleanser, ridic.
  10. Did people give you any crap for it ? It's been a bit tougher for me bc my skin has gotten worse since I was trying zinc for acne, it helped but made me get some health issues(internally) so I stopped and my skin has been breaking out worse and its RIGHT when I stopped wearing makeup , it sucks and I've been going out less but *sigh*
  11. Thanks for the replies, I obviously know that some can feel confident in it, and thats how I felt in the beginning but like I mentioned, as my acne got worse it only covered so much and I would get stares either way, I guess some people just get weirded out more by texture lol. I actually am starting these classes every saturday and it's the first class"interaction" I have since graduating HS last year . Went yesterday and I did get some looks since I notice how most people (99%) have flawless s
  12. I use cotz sensitive suncreen. It doesn't seem to give me a negative reaction as in cause more blemishes but I'm thinking of trying Burnout eco-sensitive since it's more natural and my skincare is natural ATM , the cOTZ one isn't oily , it applies and feel a little watery-oily but the finish is pretty matte
  13. So a couple days ago, i decided.....that's it , I'm sick of hiding behind makeup. I'm sick of looking horrible even with it on. My makeup story goes way back when my acne wasn't even existent but as I started developing it and my face started getting worse makeup wasn't doing much anymore. Now I wouldn't even go outside to pick up groceries from the car without a little bit of cover up so that says something about me and my relationship with makeup. I needed it to feel a little more normal. Well