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  1. Try putting apple cider vinegar on it several times a day and keep us posted.
  2. I've used Lumiplexion for 25 years. I've never found another sunscreen that didn't break me out.
  3. I would try applying apple cider vinegar/water (ratio 50/50) to the area with a cotton ball two or three times a day for a couple days to see if it helps bring it out.
  4. A picture would help. It is most likely just the healing process.
  5. Acne takes longer than a few weeks to clear up. Give it a couple months.
  6. Sulfur is the best alternative to BP. My daughter washes with black soap and uses Lumiplexion sulfur clearing medication. She had moderate acne at one point, and her marks are all but gone. It does take time though. Make sure you're using sunscreen too. Marks will not fade as fast if you're exposing your skin to the sun unprotected.
  7. Thank you, DeLovely. I am glad to hear your son is having success on the Acne.org regimen. Dan's program is great for many people. It's just not comprehensive enough to work for everybody at every age - not even a sunscreen - yikes!
  8. '04 would be 11 years and way past expiration. If you mean '14, it should be fine.
  9. Acne is. first and foremost, genetic. It runs in my family pretty strong. My three sisters and I had it and all our respectful kids have run into it as well. It doesn't matter what you eat, if it's genetic, it's going to happen, although the severity differs from person to person. I was fortunate that when I broke out the worst (at age 19), I found a just-opened business by an esthetician in my town. She guaranteed I would be clear in a month, and I was. Over the years I've strayed from
  10. You home-schooled for that acne? You may need some psychological help more than acne help.
  11. Go to Lumiplexion dot-com and email her your situation, products you're using, and a couple photos of your skin. She is in the US, and shipping will cost you more; but she will put you on the road to being clear.
  12. It's actually the product. It balls up.
  13. Highly recommend black soap versus almost any store facial cleanser with tons of chemicals that strip your skin. We liquefy the black soap into a pump bottle. One bar would last a person a whole year if used correctly for about $10 a bar.