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  1. I did the exact same thing as you. I use Proactiv for years and still struggled. I also tried a few prescription topicals which didn't help much more. Then I switched over to Dan's regimen and finally got clear. I didn't have any burning or redness, but I did have trouble with dryness and flakes and sometimes still do. There are things you can do for dryness though. Since I was already using so much BP I didn't bother waiting too long to bump up the BP to a full dose. I don't know if I wou
  2. I started the Glycolic Acid 35% peel (at-home) this week. Did a face peel one day and then tried doing the worst areas of discoloration on my shoulders and back another day. I think I could've used something stronger but it was my first time. I could barely feel it. Everyone else says it stings, etc. It's probably okay for my face for now, but for the spots on my back I want to try something stronger. My skin is very used to AHA, I have AHA lotion on my back 24/7 (don't use it 24 hrs aro
  3. I can only speak of my own experience. The BP wash alone never worked for me so I stopped using that a long time ago. I have been using huge amounts of the BP gel for probably over a year. I didn't make my marks I already had darker to a point where I could notice. What I did notice was that my entire face seemed slightly darker. I had to start buying a darker shade foundation. I don't know if that was from the BP for sure. It wasn't anything significant or negative. Over time my skin to
  4. Dry patches make my makeup look gross too! Besides exfoliating (by gentle means) I usually up my moisturizing lotion on those parts of my face. The Clinique Moisture Surge is really good. Ole Henriksen sheer transformation creme is what I like the best. It has natural ingredients that suppress pigmentation over time. It is like a moisturizer-face primer and creates a nice smooth surface over the dry patch. Makeup goes on really well and after a couple days the flakes are gone. It's a bit
  5. kafee you are right, the younger kids do tend to be more superficial. It's not their fault. High school (and college) are strange places with unrealistic ideals. I'm probably bias because I am a girl and want to believe we are better than that. I know that there are a lot of girls who are quick to dismiss a good man. But they miss out and I do believe with age comes a better appreciation for what makes someone attractive....or the odds at least get better for finding the right person as we
  6. Don't let acne take everything away from you. Don't give it your happiness. It only has that power it you let it. I remember thinking to myself the exact same thing. About 6 years ago, I thought to myself if someone walked in here right now and shot me, I wouldn't care....that's just a stupid thing to think and a waste of time that I could have spent finding things to enjoy and be grateful for. I totally get it, but we are alive and that is a valuable thing. Life can totally suck all
  7. I agree too. You don't want to be rubbing around all the dirt and bacteria from the day with your treatment.
  8. I was looking at that exact same product as well but it does have a lot of crap in it.....waiting to see how other people like it but so far doesn't sound too good. I have heard that it doesn't help scars anymore than a tinted moisturizer.
  9. I have some scarring that looks similar and has been there for a looong time. I'm starting the peels tomorrow to see if it will help. I'm trying the glycolic though.
  10. Well I'll add my two cents as well. My skin doesn't sound as bad as yours but I still fight the oil. Sometimes I can only go an hour before I can drag a fingernail across my forehead and get a glop of oil. It's disgusting, so I hear what your saying. My holy grail of oil control (besides the blotting papers) has been bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil. It's a translucent powder with SPF 15. It comes in a very nice black compact which is not girly looking at all. I even put it on before be
  11. I use it on top of BP and it works wonderfully! Works fine by itself too, but I don't notice a difference with or without the BP.
  12. It is definitely worth a shot! I so wish I had before pictures to put up, but I don't. You do need to be patient, consistent, and willing to let it do it's work. It probably took a good 4-6 months to totally clear up my face (but with significant improvement month 1). You don't need to buy Dan's products, but I do get the BP gel (and the AHA) because it is the best stuff I have found. Other than that I use a few different face washes (still can't pick one) and Complex 15 moisturizer. Not k
  13. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for here but I doubt for it's for us to give you a going away party. We are not suppose to talk about suicide on the boards. I really do feel you're pain, and I've thought about it too, but when it comes down to it I think you know that it's just unrealistic and not the best response to your situation. I won't tell you it's not that bad bc I don't know, I haven't seen it. But I do know that many people on here know what it's like to have a "disfigured"
  14. I quit BP, and restarted it. The second time around it took a good 4 months for my skin to readjust but it was so worth it. Nolz, if you're not using a moisturizer that could be a big part of it too. Not sure if you are but you said you don't like them and I totally get it! I hate moisturizers, even the ones that say no-grease no-oil leave a nasty film on my face I can't stand. But I need them or my face is a mess after the BP. Now I use Complex 15 and I have to say it truly does not le
  15. I also used to have the erythromycin/bp gel but it didn't work for me. I got benzaclin instead which is just a different antibiotic plus bp. It works a little better. Just a thought...back before I got Dan's BP I used to use the Proactiv lotion (by itself like you). I had used it for years but it didn't get me clear until I used the amount used in Dan's regimen. Same went for the benzaclin actually. Personally I don't think your erythro/bp gel is that strong; mine was 10% BP but everyone