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  1. Does anyone else out there have some insight on what might be the cause of this and possible treatments?
  2. Sorry for not knowing but what exactly is sls?
  3. Unfortnately this is one of the responses I've feared as controlling oil without the help of accutane can be hard to accomplish. Since you had mentioned you dealt with this personally is there anything you tried with success?
  4. Hello, I'm a 24 male seeking some insight on what the hell is going on with my nose. I have clear skin on my entire face except for the sides of my nose where I get protruding gunk coming out of my pores. This gunk will keep getting larger until plucked, after it is plucked it is left with an empty pore that does not return to its normal size. The pore wil hen fill up with the same exact substance within a week or so. I'm not sure what the plug is But I'm guessing it's hardened sebum? It's
  5. Curious in wondering if you ever went through with the laser therapy? I have a very similar situation i which i caused broken blood vessels on the side of my nose from squeezing. I will be getting V-beam laser treatment done in a couple of days and wanted to see if I should back out or not.
  6. So I think I'm going to head into my dermatologist and ask him about V-beam laser for this. Does anyone think that could help my situation? Pretty sure they are broken capillaries im dealing with. If in fact I do decide to do the V-beam, what can I expect for downtime and the healing process?
  7. I am a 20 year old male. Have had Mild acne for the most part since about age 15. Been on multiple treatments (Differin,Finacea,Retin A). My skin had always been oily, especially on my nose. As a teenager I was dumb and gave my pimples hell trying to pop them, poke them etc.. you name it. 3 years ago my I took a course of Accutane and all my skin problems were solved while on Accutane and for a year and a half after. This last year the oil has returned to my nose and has given me large sebac
  8. Been using retin-a 0.025% cream for about 3 weeks now. Plugs on nose have become hard while others have become mildly inflamed. The ones that have become hard were plucked out with tweezers leaving a large empty pore. No blood, just a dark empty pore. I have noticed the ones plucked are already starting to form/collect the tanish-clear material again. Im still dealing with the discoloration as well. Im not sure what to do but have a list of variables for a solution. 1) Just need to be patie
  9. Still no real help on this issue, i began using retin-a and the plugs have hardened up and have become somewhat easy to pluck out with tweezers. Still no real difference on the redness/scarring but obviously that takes time with retin-a. Staying hopeful !
  10. Hello I am 20 years old (male) and have been battling mild acne since high school. I am 2 years post Accutane. My only problem area at the moment is my nose, the sides and creases of it specifically. I have pictures!!! I have done alot of research towards the condition of my nose but cant quite pin point a diagnoses. The side of my nose consist of clearish-tan colored plugs. Some of these plugs are very hard and when far enough out of the skin can be plucked with tweezers. The other plugs remai
  11. ive been on differin 0.1 for about a year and about 3 months ago i was bumped up to 0.3. I was bumped up to the 0.3 in the spring and through out the summer i didn't see any improvement in my acne..only got worse"/ i did not use sunscreen throughout the whole summer and was outside alot...i went back to my dermo at the end of summer and they prescribed me tazorac 0.1 cream but im scared to take it because i don't want an initial breakout... SO WHAT IM BASICALLY ASKING IS: WILL I HAVE AN INITIA
  12. ive been taking minocyline for about 10-11 weeks and havent seen super drastic changes....my face has gotten a little bit better but my back remains about the same and my chest just got two new pimples... should i carry on with the treatment until at least 12 weeks? should i be super clear or is it working and i just dont know that my acne could be worse?
  13. hi, my dermo has advised me to switch to tazorac, im currently using differin gel 0.3 and it has worked in the past.. but those were in the winter months when my skin was not as oily. it is currently summer and i dont feel the differin is helping, is it just the time of the season or is it the differin itself? i also am wondering if i will still get an initial breakout from the tazorac if ive been on differin for a year. should i just stick with the differin and wait for it get cooler outside o