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  1. you know whats the worse? i'd be out with friends or a girl and i'd be having fun, then i walk by a place and see a reflection of myself, i see the scars. then it just ruins the rest of the night. all of a sudden i dont wanan face people and i wanna be in dark places. when i first got with my gf, for the first 3 months or so i wouldn't see her until it was dark, she thought i was weird. acne scars hurts more than anything. honestly i'd rather have a deformed hand or be missing a toe or have
  2. dude i would take having other physical problems if i can have the skin i had back when i was younger. i would take a missing pinky, a missing toe, or whatever scars on my body, having scars on the face is the worse, i mean if i have a deformed stomach or something at least i can hide it to 99% of the world
  3. jet li's acne scars aint that bad, it's only noticeable under certain lighting, and the thing is, it's not his looks that got him into movies, because he aint that good looking, what got him into movies is cause he ws a national martial arts champion in china. one of the best of all time. as a chinese man that grew up in hong kong, i would like to say that American films do jet li no justice, in fact they make jet li look like a damn fool. In his hong kong films, jet li was absolutely the SH*T.
  4. im sorry to say but i think those red marks will eventually turn into scars. i had the exact same red marks on my face, and for the first year they were NOT indented.. they were just REALLY red, but then after a year or two, the red kinda faded and turned into INDENTED holes. i got those from picking too, i didnt pick it, some stupid lady picked it for me cuase at the time i thought i was getting treatment, so sorry to say, but those red marks will probably turn into ice pick scars. i think...
  5. how much does Cross method cost? like generally speaking.
  6. i have alot of icepick scars, little holes on my face, they're not that noticeable in doors, but outdoors, in certain direction facing the sun, it looks horrible. what ist he best treatment for ICEPIck scars? subcision>?
  7. hmmm so im assuming no one has used thsi product or even heard of it then?
  8. i saw an infomercial last night on this thing called IGIA instant cover, you guys can check it out at IGIA.com, and click on the instant cover logo, should be at the top. they claim they can cover up any blemish, scar, acne, veins, wrinkles, birth marks with the concealer, the results on the infomercial looked a bit too good to be true, like this girl had a huge RED mark around her face and then after she put it on her skin was flawless... i konw this doesnt TREAT the scars, but if it does he
  9. sorry burst all your bubbles, but bill murray is a comedian, if he was trying to be leading romantic actor, let's see how he dodes with them scars. i have scars myself, and im just tired of hearing "scars dont matter, its whats on the inside" yeah right, if britney spears had acne scars she'd be working at mcdonalds right now my point is, bill murray can get away with scars cause hes a comedian and it aint lookst hat got him into movies in the first place, and let's face it, bill murray aint goo
  10. seriously, this is such a major problem. i mean i would much ratehr have other disease then scarred skin. it just totally kills confidence. i mean i can be out with freinds.. andi'd be all happy and if i accidently see myself under certain lights and see the huge craters on my face, i get depressed, it amkes me wanna stop talking to people, stop looking them in the face, and just generally hide. i mean it totally kills any outings. and the thing is this kind of crap is permanent. i mean
  11. that's what i'm saying all along, as much as i'd like to believe it, no such damn thing as "looks dont matter, its all about inner beauty, yeah right... i'm 21... and trust me.. no girls between the ages of 18 to 24 are not shallow. especially in the college days... my ex gf was so sweet when i first met her before college, then in college she turned into stupid party alcohol girl...
  12. scars affect us in so many ways, i mean not only is it physical, not only does it scares away opposite sex, it affects everything you do, in class, i sit way in the back and in hte corner, so people are not "next to me" and can't see t he side of my face, i try not to walk into rooms with bright lights, sometimes i'd be out with friends and i see myself in the mirror, i just feel like going home. i guess i'm kinda lucky casue i was totally clear of zits/scars during high school... so at leas
  13. the thing is... EVERYONE is like that. i mean you'd pick brad pitt over danny devito ANY day of the week... no matter how great a personality danny devito may have... and same with me i'd pick jessica alba over 99% of all other women on earth any day of the week.. no matter how great their personality is. thats just how the world is... people that say "looks doesnt matter, its all about personality" are liars.
  14. yeah i mean of course we're taught with stuff like "if a person truly loves you look wont matter" and all that generic clinche stuff. but fact is we dont live in no damn walt disney brady bunch world. in this world, looks matters. i mean there MAY be someone out there that doesnt care about looks, but 99.9% of all people do.
  15. lol, ben is a christian name? i'm asian and my name is ben. and btw what happened to the original ben? you guys kick him off or what?