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  1. That's the craziest part - I've been using not the full amount of BP (but I also don't really put it on my forehead or nose, as I never, ever break out there - I'm a classic hormonal case, with the u-zone breakouts), and I've experienced barely ANY dryness, flaking, redness, etc. I'm trying to make sure I use ENOUGH BP, but it's also been going swimmingly thus far... And congrats, darksoul! I think another big part of this is that I've calmed down since I started using the regimen, as
  2. Hey! So ... the amazing news is that my skin is almost 100% clear since I started the regimen about 3.5 weeks ago or some such. Which is awesome! And makes me wonder if I just all along had way more sensitive skin than I thought...? Prior to the regimen, I was using Nucelle, which, ugh, made me peel FOR MONTHS without end and just NEVER worked. It was INCREDIBLY frustrating, and even when I contacted them, they were like, "that's too bad, it usually works." But anyhow. It seems that wa
  3. Smells nice, but didn't work for me.

    lovely company smells nice overall skin texture was nice well... didn't work well enough. I really, really, really wanted Nucelle to work. Really. Alas, I'm afraid it didn't. My skin peeled the whole time, and I didn't really have consistent or good enough results for me to justify repurchasing this, as it's quite pricey. It might work for you - everyone's different - but I gave it a good... oh, 5 month go, and it wasn't effective. Oh well!
  4. I had some throughout teenage and early 20s, but had it WAY under control. It was coming off of birth control (at age 23.5, after 5.5 years on) that made my poor hormones go CRAZY! Thankfully, we seem to be on an upward swing.
  5. Eh, I'd rather not go prescription route. Is there a tea tree oil solution that people like? I haven't found one in my (admittedly limited) searching. Yaknow, I really WANT to like the mandelic acid! I do! It just... isn't... very effective for me. Everyone's skin is different I guess...? One more q: If I stop using mandelic acid and start using BP, should I give my skin a day or two without any topical to let it, like, even out? Or can I jump right into BP land? Thanks for all
  6. Hey friends! 26 year old woman here, with mild-moderate (but SO PERSISTENT) acne. Definitely hormonally based - been working on evening that out, trust me. Am considering the regimen, but would ideally like to not use BP just 'cuz it bleaches things and blah blah blaaahhh ... I just tried mandelic acid for, like, months and MONTHS and it helped, but not enough. Is SA of any help to you? Or is there another skincare miracle you've found? Or should I just buck up and use BP and get over the
  7. I'm bumpin' this to see if anyone ever actually went for it, what their experience was... color me intrigued. :}
  8. Vitex, yes! And Saw Palmetto. That's what the naturopath has me on a tincture of (as well as licorice) to even out my progesterone/testosterone imbalance. So I add my support for that. : ) You could look in the thread I made for other suggestions - straight from the naturo for my super hormonal acne. Don't worry; you WILL figure this out. It's a long road, but you will get there. Keep your chin up!!!
  9. Hey! So - I'm very glad you've gotten the information you have, both from here and the internet. Don't feel lost; don't worry. You'll go to someone, and if they feel right, awesome; if not, you'll go elsewhere. It's not cheap, but it'll be worth it in the end. Google the doctors, if you haven't already. You'll likely find reviews or information on them, and that could help you decide who is the best fit for you. But! It sounds like you're on the right track - it really does. So don't wo
  10. :/ I'm sorry to hear that. I went to one in Florida who was *way* not so great, so I know how that goes. Could you find another one? Or maybe even a nutritionist or herbalist? That might help!! So - I found my doc via word of mouth. My friend went to her and suggested her. If you're in NYC, you're in luck!! You've got LOADS of resources, I'm sure. You can look online for board-certified naturopaths (just google it!) - that means they are, well, certified, and went through tons of schooli
  11. Gosh, I'm sorry - did I not make that clear? I will. Yes, I got a blood test for food allergens, and a saliva test for hormones. My food allergies aren't at all what I expected. They're super random. Eggs is the main one, and then Brewer's yeast (hm!)... and maybe avocados? Though, lawd, I've never noticed any sort of issue with avos. To go about it, short of seeing a health care practitioner, there are plenty of tests you can order online. Also, I just stumbled upon this - it might hav
  12. Hey, friends! I thought I'd make this thread in hopes of potentially helping someone - possibly? Or just sharing. I got some test results back from the naturopath today - I did a blood test for food allergens and a saliva hormone test. The doc told me I have the classic hormone profile for someone "suffering" (I don't like that word, even if it feels like that sometimes!) from breakouts. My testosterone level is at the tip-top of what's considered "high" for my age range; my DHEA levels are
  13. Hey, thanks! Glad to see you've improved so much. : ) Here's hoping everyone does!
  14. Hm. I'm hoping the naturopath can help me get back in balance naturally, but my thought is if I go through that and the topicals I'm on right now don't work, yes, I will consider other hormonal options. I'd rather not, though ... and I really think I can do this without more medicines!! SO THERE, UNIVERSE. Oh - and thanks for both responses, by the way!
  15. Hey, friends. So I had this thought - perhaps I'd reach out to this community and see if anyone has gone through a similar thing as I am, in hopes of learning more of what my body is trying to tell me, find out what worked for others, and get my skin clear! I know I can do this... I just have to find what works for me. :} A quick background. 25 now, went through the usual acne stuff in my teens, but had it 100% under control with whatever topicals the derm prescribed. Never had any issu