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  1. Hey. Thanks so much for the advice. I tried this about a week ago and last night. So basically, my face looks so red and blotchy right now (the same thing happened last time, but it faded after a couple of days). I didn't use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after I squeezed them cause I've always heard to never put that stuff on your face? Idk. I used witch hazel. The thing is, the only clogged pores that I actually seemed to have extracted properly are the ones around my nose, but those ones tend
  2. Would take it again for the results

    Best thing that ever happened to my skin. I was 16 years old when my derm prescribed this to me, since my moderately severe acne was not improving with topicals or oral antibiotics. I was about 5'6 and 115 pounds at the time so my dose wasn't heavy. I believe I was given 40mg every other day for the first month, then 40mg every day for the next two months, and then for the rest of my course it was 40mg everyday except on MWF I would take 80mg. Overall my course was 8 months and I never got compl
  3. Hmm.. I think I originally stopped the regimen cause it wasn't helping my clogged pores. They all eventually evolve into a pustule or a whitehead and then leave a hyperpigmentation mark :/ I guess in my head I thought if I found a way to get rid of my clogged pores then I wouldn't have to deal with much acne or scarring. I'm gonna continue with the regimen for now since it is mostly working. It makes my skin extremly sensitive though, even when I try to extract a clogged pore very gently, the ar
  4. Hey guys. Long post but I have pictures and I could really use some help :( Basically I recently found out that I have PCOS and my skin has just been crap. Took accutane a couple years ago and it never cleared me up 100% (I never took birth control while on it). I'm assuming my messed up hormones got in the way. Anyways I started the regimen at the beginning of November 2013 and used cetaphil cleanser, witch hazel toner, 1 pump of BP, and olay moisturizer + AHA almost every night until about mid
  5. In my experience, kind of the same thing happened. My oily skin went away in the first month.. but that was it. However, I never really experienced dry skin on my face, at all. And it was very surprising to me because so many people complain about their very dry, flaky skin while on accutane, and I was never one of those people. I certainly didn't have oily skin, but I didn't have dry skin either. I had a perfect in-between balance of dry and oily. My lips and hands got super dry though. I never
  6. In my case, I actually never really experienced dry skin on my face and my skin never got completely clear either. Pretty much every success story I've heard about, the person experienced very, very dry skin, like everywhere, and they also ended accutane with clear skin. Not me! So if I were you, I'd talk to your dermatologist. Is your dermatologist going to increase your dose? Because if they are, then you will experience drier skin and in addition to clear skin when you're done accutane. I wis
  7. Are you using any type of treatment for your acne after you wash your face? If so, you DON'T want to use a face wash that has any acne-preventing ingredients in it (like salicylic acid) because that's what your treatment is for. If you're not using any treatment for your acne, I guess you could use a face-wash with acne-preventing ingredients, but I highly doubt it will clear your skin long-term. You want to use a face wash that is pure and is doing the only job it's supposed to: cleanse yo
  8. I think you just have to stick with it, don't lose hope!! It worked the first time, so it's very likely that it will work again. How long did it take you to get clear the first time you used the regimen? And how bad did your skin get after you stopped? Also, I can't speak from personal experience when it comes to the regimen not working anymore. However, I do know that if you get clear, you're supposed to keep using the regimen, or else there's a strong chance that your acne will come back.
  9. Your post is not too long at all! You should see mine.. they're like a billion times longer than yours lol. Anyways, I was wondering the same thing when buying the acne.org products. I'd say purchase the 3 step process first because it's recommended not to use AHA+ until you're already used to the treatment, which takes about 3-4 weeks. If you start out with AHA too early, you could irritate your skin too much because your skin is already feeling the effects of benzoyl peroxide, and over ir
  10. Hey guys. This is a long post, but please bear with me! Or you can scroll down to where I bolded and underlined my real question. But I think it would be helpful to know the history of my skin and how I got to my question in the first place. So I just bought Dan's BP and AHA+ and received it in the mail yesterday. However, before I had enough money to order them, I decided to use drugstore products for the time being. Here's a brief history of my skin: I was on accutane for about 8 month
  11. Hi everyone. I forgot to take Accutane last night and basically this month I was supposed to take 40mg everyday, but on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, take a second pill (80mg). Last friday night I forgot to take the two pills at 12:00am which is around my usual time (sometimes it stretches a bit further than that time). I took it as quickly as I could this morning at around 10am. Now did I mess anything up? I'm afraid I did something wrong here trying to fix this mess. If I have to I will conti
  12. Hey everyone. I am currently on Accutane and almost done my second month! Basically for the first month I was taking 40mg every other day, and this month 40mg every day. I am seeing my dermatologist on the 22nd to get be prescribed to my new dose. Anyways, 2 months in and I'm barely seeing any results. No I'm not mad about it, it just sucks being patient. I didn't have bad acne when I started on the drug, I'd say moderately severe? I only had 1 or 2 cysts a month. I had no acne on my cheeks and
  13. Hi, I had a similar problem and I searched it up too and I concluded that it was about stress or something, but I was confused cause I wasn't stressed out recently. Well it was a bit painful but it did go away within a week for me without any treatment at all. I kind of just let it be and it went away... You said yours weren't painful so it might not be the same problem. My bump was a little red and really close to the tip of my tongue, and I don't think I got more and more. Good luck finding a
  14. Thank you all for your advice I have decided to use benzaclin just on the cyst on my forehead cause it's been bothering me a lot, besides that I guess I'll let Accutane do its thing haha, tomorrow i'll be taking pill #5, it sucks though cause I only take it once every OTHER day so I haven't seen anything yet, it's been only one week though. I'll be patient for clear skin!