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  1. Q: When I complete the registration form it says I'm a spammer and I'm not allowed in this community. I've tried registering using two different email addresses and its saying the same thing. A: Your IP address is in the blacklist. Unfortunately, we can't help it, but it will be removed after 90 days. Please make sure that your PC/MAC/or mobile device does not have viruses. You also can try to use a computer from the different networks. If you know how your IP address you can check it here: htt
  2. Q?: I can't seem to remember what my username and password is. A: Acne.org community does not have a member that is associated with your email. Please note, that our store (DanielKern.com) does not pass any info to our community site.
  3. test Can you please provide a couple of links where you can't see the thumbnails.
  4. Hello, I was not able to recreate the issue on a few different browsers, Samsung tablet and iPhone. First, you are clicking to the beans on the right and they turned orange. Second, you fill the form with the review. During this the beans should be orange. If beans are blue/grey - you just miss the button. A few screenshots will be very helpful.
  5. To remove all the content go to your profile, "Find content" and delete it. Please note, that we will not delete any content upon request through the 'Contact us' form. Please do not use real name as your nick name. To change your displayed name go to your 'profile -> settings -> displayed name' (valid for "members"). Your privacy is your responsibility.
  6. FAQ about personal security: 1) Do not post your personal information... 2) Use nickname instead of real name: - - If you are using Social Network account to identify yourself, you can change displayed name in your personal settings 3) You can link/unlink your Social Network profile any time: Go to "My Settings" from the top-right navigation drop-down, select social network (ex.: Facebook), and click the button "Disassociate account now". 4) You can edit (change the content, but nor remove
  7. Paul, is it possible to use both types previews? It looks like the old "drop-down" version is not available anymore:
  8. Seva

    Seva's test album

  9. Paul, AKL and Co: There is 2 levels of names at the message board: 1) Account name that is associated with your password and is used for identification 2) Displayed name that ANY member can change To change your displayed name: - go to your profile, click "Edit Settings" - chose tab "Displayed name" - enter your new nickname and save it As you see from the screenshot above, you can do it only 2 times a month. BTW: I an posting this with 1 post and as "Member"
  10. Not really. Facebook and Twitter are separate services that could be used if the user set them up. It is the option to use FB/TW account information to autorize yourself here. You can change preferences any time in your profile: Profile - Settings - Manage my Facebook (twitter)
  11. Q: I registered yesterday and never received the verification email*. I tried the resend option several times, but still have not received it. I am not able to add topics or post replies and I imagine it is related to this. Can you please help? * request sent from ****@comcast.com A: Comcast block notification emails of our message board. Please change registration email (submit ticket to support via "contact us" form) if you want to receive notifications about replies or personal messages.
  12. Q: I have been trying to access my account but cannot get in using my username or email address. I made a purchase and am trying to track my order. A: Please note that you made the purchase at danielkern.com. The message board is on acne.org and usind different account information unless you linked the accounts. You can restore the password at danielkern.com/login.asp Note: If you requesting to restore a password without specifying the name (link) to your account, there is nothing I can do
  13. Q: It will not take my e-mail address. Why? A: Our system check if the e-mail is real to protect message board from spammers. Your email is kept in a private area and used only to send you notifications and to restore access if you forget your password. Also, we have a black list of emails that could not be used during a registration (Example: [email protected], etc.). Email address could be used only once. Try to restore the access using your existing email, maybe you are already a registered