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  1. I'm a guy and I'd say it's harder for a girl. As ambchick said we do judge girls more on looks than anything else, sad but true, it's how most of us are wired. That said, you've come to the right place because as justified as you are to feel sorry for yourself, it's much better in the long run to accept the world the way it is and take the necessary action to get what you want. Another note: having a crystal clear face is not the only way to land a decent guy. I'd take a girl with acne who t
  2. Hover your mouse over 'get clear' (near the top of this page) then click 'start here'. Your question is part of the actual regimen (though the wording is redness/itchiness) considering you're asking it on the forums, I'm assuming you haven't paid enough attention to the instructions. I'm not saying this to be mean/condescending but it's pretty important that you know the exact regimen in order to get clear, otherwise it may not work. Read it again and again until you know the regimen from start
  3. In a nutshell, yes. BP works by creating oxygen and the bacteria which create pimples cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. At any age, it basically rids your face of most acne provided you apply it diligently and regularly. That said, the bacteria are hardcore and people make mistakes (forgetting to apply BP one night etc) so you still sometimes produce a pimple or 2 but you will be mostly clear. You will get some burning / itching / redness in the beginning but your face will get used
  4. How closely are you following the regimen? I like to think I'm not unintelligent but I still read the entire process through (including watching the vids) 4 or 5 times before I even got the products. I started in September and as of now I am clear just using the Acne.org primary products. It's a commitment and requires a bit of discipline (I say a bit because a fitness regimen is 100000x tougher) but if you stick with it I'm confident you will reap the rewards.
  5. Good luck. Hope the regimen is working as well for you as it is for me.
  6. In the first photo it doesn't look like you suffer from acne at all and in the second and third I can see the irritation from BP and the odd small spot but your face still looks fine. I can see why your GP laughed (that's a good thing). I dont think your problem is acne but more a lack of confidence. You look fine (no homo!) so personally I think you're better off focusing on improving your confidence with dating material, self help books and continuing to work out.
  7. Every person is different in their response to treatment regardless of the method. Diet is difficult because there are so many variables, and requires a level of commitment most people just cant stick with. I know personally that mine can be somewhat controlled by modifying insulin. I do cycles of muscle gain and fat loss. The only thing I really modify between cycles is my diet. I find my acne is A LOT better on a fat loss cycle, not perfect but about 50% better. An educated guess, I'd sa
  8. Thanks I made the blog firstly see if it works and secondly to see if any mistakes I make cause me to break out again. I then made it public so others could see my results and help me out if it failed... so far no help needed, the product has far exceeded my expectations.
  9. No need to be sorry for speaking your mind. I don't feel I'm being ridiculous. I sincerely appreciate people trying to help me out, this is just the way I want my blog.
  10. Thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case but I'm still keen on keeping it in the same post. I'll just bump it every so often if needs be.
  11. Thanks, I'd prefer to keep it in the same post though provided it's not too confusing.
  12. Hi Guys, I have purchased the Acne.org products directly from the store (moisturiser, treatment and cleanser), received them 30/08/2011 and have been blogging ever since. I am following The Regimen for my face to the 'T' with one exception, I'm starting it at full dose immediately. All other instructions will be followed absolutely and I've watched the vids and read through the instructions at least 5 times over to be sure. I expect initial irritation but I'm determined to clear my acne up as q
  13. Gluten is only found in the wheat family (inc barley and rye.) Rice does not contain gluten.
    None for me. I'm a disciplined person and as such, I followed Clear Pores EXACTLY as directed for a full 3 months: -Did not work for me -Caused a terrible initial breakout (apparently normal for this product) -Lots of whiteheads (more than usual) -During use had repeated cystic acne on my face directly to the left and right sides of my nose. -Acne was just as bad after 3 months as it was when I started -Expensive -Protective cream stinks like feces, no jo