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  1. Nope, I didnt use anything except for various moiturisers and alot of aloe vera gel to settle my skin down! Well, that was over the past 5 days now my skin isnt so sore and itchy now So I used the 10% GA day cream overnight, my face although still a little dry feels much smoother now. Phew. I'd better leave that SA peel alone and just use GA! SA is too strong for me!
  2. Yes, I think so... Thats why its mainly used as a peel and in very low concs (typically less than 2%) in facewashes and moisturisers/creams. My skin is still peeling and sore! Help!
  3. Help! I used the 14% SA a few days ago, I think I put too much on for too long! It was my 2nd application 1 week after the 1st, I left it on for 1 1/2 min (it says no more than 2) and my face was really really burning! For a few days it was very red and very very dry. Now its been abt 3 days and my face is still a little red, but is constantly dry no matter how much moisturiser i put on, and its peeling aswell! Is this normal?! What should I be using? My face is really itchy aswell!
  4. Right now I feel like stopping my use of Glycolic acid products cause my face is really really dry and bumpy. Welshbabe, do u and ur friends use the creams everyday? Also, do u use the facewash morning and nite? Im gonna use less until the irritation decreases...and maybe only use the wash once a day and use something else at night
  5. I bought the 14% SA from perfectskin.uk.com. Ive only done one peel with it for 30sec, it did sting quite a bit but I didnt get hardly any peeling from it. That was about 5 days ago so Im gonna attempt another one in a couple of days. I bought Glycolic face wash, day cream and the night cream all from Lookgr8. The facewash doesnt seem like much, but you only need a very small amount once or twice a day - it really stings my face so i might cut back to once a day - it'll last me a couple of mon
  6. Why did she leave? COuld u pm her email to me too, theres a few questions i want to ask her
  7. I cant access this...I need a user account! Does this thing cost money? Could someone pls send me the files?
  8. Is the server down? cause i couldnt connect!
  9. dont worry too much, stress makes it worse - believe me! I pm'ed u...check ur msgs Im sure theres a way to sort out this kind of acne
  10. I just did my SA 14% peel for the first time today. The instructions say I must use a SPF15 mosturiser if I plan to go out...what does that mean? Also, what should I use as a facewash and night mosturiser? Im currently using Neutrogena's Face Wash/Mask 2 in one with Salicylic acid in it. Should I get some Copper Peptide cream or some GA cream?
  11. Help! After using the peel I put some Neutrogena Clear Pore Lotion on, containing SA. Now I find it easy to clean out clogged pores with my loop thing. Should I be doing this, or should I just leave them alone? Does the SA actually dissolve the sebum, or does the sebum just come out? Help, my pores are really deep and I dont think SA is getting rid of sebum!
  12. Agoff is right - if ur acne is really really bad you will already know it. Thats the risk of doing it, same with amihotornot...if ur really ugly, u will already know. Im suggesting it for those of use who dont really know what acne we've got and also to make suggestions to other ppl with the same type of acne. It doesnt even need to be rate my acne, it could just be a place where u post up ur pictures and ppl try to diagnose which type uve got.
  13. Was just thinking, they have amIhotornot and ratemypoo etc...so why not ratemyacne? That way we can see each other's acne and it can be ENTIRELY anonymous and moderated, so that only registered users can see it and comment. I think it would help ppl to see other ppls acne...to compare and to help identify the types of acne. Maybe the name ratemyacne isnt appropriate, but having a forum where ppl can post anonymously and in confidence I believe would be beneficial. What do u think?
  14. Can someone please identify this kind of acne as shown in the pics? I have the exact same and want to know wat its called! (Maya, can u help pls?) Also, whats the best way to get rid of the scarring? Miliys, if u dont mind me asking what is ur ethnicity?