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  1. Bought "Peel&Reveal Revitalizing Treatment" by Elizabeth Arden today and quite tempted to use it.. Any tips? Anything else I could try instead before I open it?
  2. Picked up Elizabeth Arden "Motta Moisture Lotion(Oil Free)" as well as "Peel&Reveal Revitalizing Treatment" at the local Marshalls store.. Always thought alpha and beta hydroxy acids will be some deep chemistry and physics and sounded like it will burn me..... Anyways, reviews online are pretty good, I was wondering if any of you guys have used it or any tips on how to use it Also, are there any better or maybe even cheaper products that will do the trick? PLEASE HELP
  3. So I've been reading on the forums how people wanted the "original" Olay back and thought I saw something rare at the store.. I currently have Olay Complete Moisturizer SPF15 that I would like to use only when I'm in the sun(I'm a soccer ref so I use it quite a bit) Is it worth getting Olay Original Moisturizer for daily use? Any recommendations for a better moisturizer?
  4. I just realized that my daily Centrum Complete "from A to Zinc" has 100% of Daily Value of Iodine... Quite upset now because I think it's been the reason of my acne... Any suggestions?
  5. Any of you guys know where I could purchase L'Oreal Pure Zone Skin Relief Oil-Free Moisturizer? Been looking for it, has great reviews http://www.acne.org/loreal-pure-zone-skin-relief-oil-free-moisturizer-reviews/140/page1.html Went to local WalMart, Walgreens, and Target and couldn't find it Please let me know
  6. I currently have OLAY Complete SPF15 Sensitive Skin I'm a soccer referee so I use it for work as well Looking for an "SPF-less" moisturizer that I can use on daily basis/at home and use OLAY Complete SPF15 Sensitive Skin for work I hope it's not too complicated Thanks for you time!
  7. Worked my first soccer referee game last weekend and got sunburned.. I do take doxycycline and I'm sure it did "the trick" as well Looking for a sunscreen that won't break me out and protect my face at the same time P.S. had to work from 8am to about 2pm and I live in Texas...
  8. Any suggestions on how to use it and when? Is it like a spot treatment type or just for the full face? Also, is it the same product that will initially cause a breakout?
  9. Any suggestions on how to use it and when? Is it like a spot treatment type or just for the full face? Also, is it the same product that will initially cause a breakout?
  10. thanks guys, helped alot i think i'm going to return the tea tree oil since I have jojoba and olive facial cleanser for moisturizing and everyday use(btw, how often should I use jojoba and olive cleanser since I use Cetaphil on daily basis) my major problem would probably be the red spots after acne and scars did some research on the forum last night and thinking about getting some honey and use it for masks, any other recommendations?
  11. Bought a 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil the other day from the local WalMart and been researching on it alot. Getting quite frustrated, how do you use it? Can you wash your face with it? And what can you mix it with? For instance, I mix my jojoba oil with my Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and not sure if Tea Tree Oil will work out the same way Please let me know what you would recommend Thanks for your time!
  12. Hey guys, Been reading a lot on this forum and finally decided to make my own account and ask questions. Some background information on me: Male 17 year old ~190lb 6'3" Athletic No soda Supplements: Used to take minocycline(100mg) twice a day until it "stopped working"(200mg/day) Doctor switched me to Doxycycline Hyclate twice a day (200mg/day) Centrum Multivitamin Fish Oil(Salmon Oil) The other day I went shopping and upgraded my oils a little bit. I bought: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser