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  1. Hey everybody, I have two problems with the Regimen, my skin seems to be really sensetive... I hope there are some Ideas to help. I'm on the Regimen for about 3 Month now, clear of really active acne, but my skin is not clear, small pimples everywhere and what is really annoying me, the color of my skin is not even. The problem is, I cant ramp the BPO Dosis up to the full amount, because my skin gets really dry and red. I am now using half a Finger of BPO, and still, in the evening, my s
  2. Hey everyone, I'm searching for a gread moisturizer, which should be availble in Germany. At the moment, I'm using the avene CleanAC, which is great, but it left my skin very shiny and since i'm a guy, i dont like to walk around so "creamed" in my face. So, bottom line, is there any really good moisturizer availible which leaves the skin matt?? Thanks, SIMON
  3. Yeahr, it is, but I'm sleeping on my stomach, face in the pillows...
  4. okay, I was just wondering, what's the case of touching your skin ever so gently when lying on it with the whole wight of your head all night... but thanks from Germany!
  5. Hey, I've decided now to start on the Regimen, and I've got a question never mentioned before. I've got the impression that on irritating and rubbing the skin is one of the key's, so I'm wondering. I am sleeping mostly prone (hope it's the right expression in english ). Is there any problem here with skin irritation? Is it better to lie on my back?Anyone with experiences here? I'm asking cause it'll be very hard for me to change my sleeping habbit, i've tried... Thanks, SIMON