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  1. how can anything you put on your face not be invasive? your skin adsorbs anything on it, this is why it is best to use water only and not anything that is going to invade your pores and block it up, like residue from surfectants (soaps).
  2. actually, that is the same cyst, it never was cured. that is your problem area. in problem areas you are getting irritated skin and results in this cyst. you need to stop washing that area and stop picking it, do not touch the damn thing. the only way to let it pass and keep it out for good it this. let the cyst surface on its own, it needs to clear out on its own, it will become a whitehead and just leave it alone, no popping or touching, just leave it be, it should only be a matter of 1 o
  3. I'm not sure what your point is. So you put a bunch of garbage on your face and got a bad reaction? Anyways, as far as red meat goes, it's not that red meat is bad.. it just digest very slowly (bacteria have a feeding frenzy), usually contains larger amounts of fat than most fish(leaning towards omega 6), and if not sourced correctly has some 'evil' stuff in it. The point is, if you're acne is better, feel free to consume grass fed beef. Good luck! you need to learn how the skin (bodi
  4. i eat lunch out 5 days out of the week, it isnt hard to avoid gluten (i should know im allergic to it). salads salads salads.
  5. You think fructose is a "complex carbohydrate"? Seriously?? Fructose is a SIMPLE SUGAR, my friend! All carbohydrates have to be digested into simple sugars (fructose and glucose) before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The "complexity" of a carbohydrate has nothing to do with it. obviously fructose is one portion complex carbs, i mean he should eat complex carbs to get fructose. funny the way you phrase it though, trying to insult. funny. and no not all carbs have to by digeste
  6. moon base, can you explain what is so bad about red meats?
  7. 1. because i can 2. did you read the title of this thread? 3. i am allergic to gluten so i find it interesting in to read about diet another thing you need to realize is that yes it can be external and not just internal problems. sure many have used diet to get clear, but there are still many that it did not work for. what do you have to say to them?
  8. Persons with eczema are not maintaining adequate skin lipids (nothing to do with sebum), and becoming hyper reactive to exterior influences (nickel allergy as an example). Which I believe point to one of the problems I listed above. im not here to shit on your parade but im going to. i had severe acne for 4 years, and I can still get it if i get lazy with my regime or try new things as happened to me about 1 year ago. I cleared my acne not with diet, and at the time i got 100% clear i was
  9. heres my experience with this as i did the same thing before. i figured one day that i was done with everything and that i was just going to accept acne and that was it. for that time period actually i was a pretty happy dude, i didnt care about it or anything. however, after about 6 months of having little to no acne, i started to break out again (this was at age 17) and then i was depressed about it again. idk it might work for you now, i am 100% clear and if i still had it i would probabl
  10. this depends person to person and skin type to skin type. females mature faster than men and you could probably say for a female that adult acne starts at 18. For a male however it is much later, as they do not stop growing until around 25. BUT that is only for AVERAGE people, this could be sooner or much much later on in life, as some peoples skin mature at a later stage in life, hence people joining the forum saying they never had a pimple until they were like 23 or even older.
  11. DE razors in general with any razors aren't the best thing for skin. If you choose to shave that way (as it strips your natural oils and acid mantle that are there to protect your skin) you have to do so the right way. Two passes with one going with the grain, and one going 90 degrees of the grain (never ever against the grain as that produces ingrown hairs). Most pimple and acne that are in the beard area or near eye hair, is the cause of broken hair follicles within the pore, and is typical
  12. if that were true i would not be clear right now and neither would many people that have eczema. the skin is a large organ and although the sebum gland is influenced by internal hormones it is also influenced by the physical processes happening on the skin. things that produce dry skin are clearly off limits for them, and that usually includes all topicals, hot/warm water, etc.
  13. My recommendations are far beyond the principles of healthy eating - I've researched that for ages and ages. When you get passed skimming the surface of the nutritional atmosphere, you realise things are far more complicated than you think.. it's not a battle of macro-nutrients. What I am now doing is taking everything i've learned and compiling a dietary regemine that targets acne, and related issues - fixes them.. so you can return to any diet you wish (within reason of course). what ot
  14. you still avoided my first question, ill ask it again. how would you know that the majority of 146,706 people (over 73353 people), have it?
  15. how would you know that the majority of 146,706 people (over 73353 people), have it? If insulin resistance exists, more insulin needs to be secreted by the pancreas. If this compensatory increase does not occur, blood glucose concentrations increase and type 2 diabetes occurs