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  1. My backround: Ive taken a 6 month (40mg 2 months, 80mg 4 months) course of accutane. 1 and a half months later my oily skin came back (i have to wash 3 to 4 times daily) and its been 5 months off and im starting to break out more. I get a chain (one grows, then disappears a week later, then another grows right after, sometimes 2 or 3) of sore pimples that dont eventually release its contents to th surface. They're just tender for 3 days, and go away 6 or 7 days. They dont scar thankfully but im
  2. Thanks for the info, i guess i should wait
  3. Have a few deep scars id like to try improve, ive been off accutane a month and a half, do you think its ok to get subcision after 3 months instead of 6? My understanding was that lasers and exfoliating should be avoided but subcision is just a needle in your skin? Thanks guys
  4. seems sound to me, well the excision being the best , next to subcision. But its prob only good for isolated scars but ppl with alot of scars clost together won't benifit much from it i think. Also what if a scars close by the eye?
  5. i was going to order some a few months back but what worries me is i might order the wrong "color" for my skin. I'm not to sure on what to choose. I'm native american, i'm not to sure if theres a perfect color for my skin. i guess thats why the offer samples right? maybe i'll give it a go soon, thanks for the notice rupert, i appriaciate the advice
  6. May I ask which treatment (or combination of treatments) worked for YOU? Because, in my experience, dermabrasion makes acne scarring WORSE. The only thing it would "cure" is the red spots, but those aren't permanent scars. It does nothing for the scarring. And, since it can make it worse, I'm not sure people should continue to try UNTIL they come out with something that actually WORKS. Not to be disagreeable, but what actually works now? Not dermabrasion (I've had that), and according to som
  7. Well, I do use it for just the worse scars, the others I just leave. I realised that as long as I got a very nice correction of the worst scars, then I'm happy to leave the smaller ones. Nobody would ever notice them anyway. I couldn't correct every scar on my face, it would take far too long. As for how long dermaflage lasts. I did an application Saturday morning 10am and it is still looking good Monday 5.30pm (now). So u can get a fair bit more out of it than a day (assuming good application).
  8. How deeP do u guys think subsicions good for? I got deep ones but at the same time i have alot of shallow ones together that form a a bad texture.
  9. Just took a look at ur photos, you have had great results, looks like you had minir scaring in the past noone body would wven think twice about ur scars. You deserve great skin, good luck!
  10. What about skin printing? Or organ printing? Theres videos on youtube but im on a phone so i cant post. Also i read a artical that a heart injected with stem cells reduce scar tissue by 66%, im also lazy to get it too but you google stem cells and heart it should pop up. Unfortunatly the heart attack victims although theres reduced scar tissue, the heart is still limited and not very much improved fuction wise. But if they can reduce scar tissue in the heart im sure eventually they can do it wit
  11. I was watching videos on toutube about this, theres alot out there. I think i heard one of them say its 10 years off tho, but then dr oz said that we'd be able to cure parkininz diease within single digit years and that hes willing to bet hos left testical on it (maybe he didnt say the last part). But i think they can alreay grow new skin, i just dont know whats holding them back
  12. Hi matt do you have new pictures of your suctioned results?
  13. jacno


    anyone have any news on laviv? i know theres already doctors for folds and if you ask they could perhaps they could do it for scars "off the record" but i'm afraid that if your the first one the doctor hasn't got much experience with scars and won't inject corectly, if that makes sense
  14. Hi guys im 170 pounds male, i take 80mg of accutane a day. First 3 months were 40, 2 months on 80mg. At first i had deep cysts that left awful scars and my face was extremly oily ( ihad to wash 3 times a day) now my face is way less oilly but im still getting pimples and black heads. The thing is every winter my face gets better becuase its less humid and cool. Im afraid that accutane didnt do anything and when summer comes im goin to break out again, which i couldnt take again. Should i ask my
  15. Thanks for keeping us updated Greg, your skin looks way better. I was wondering if you still plan on getting a fraxel after? Or will you be satisfied with the subcisions? Fraxel has alot of risk of what I read... Anyways im sure I can speak for everyone when we all hope you bang alot of chicks now that your skins improved so much