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  1. So let's see...it's been about two months now that ive been taking accutane. (sorry i havent really been updating) well, my skin has deffinately cleared up quite impressively. its not 100% but its a heck of a lot better than before. about a week ago i was actually OKAY with going out in public without makeup but not too exstatic about it. which is actually a big step for me because i would NEVER go out without makeup on before. so this week was my spring break and i went on a trip up to I
  2. hello again everyone! well, i must apologize to those who might actually care about me not putting up an entry last week but it's because i didnt notice any difference in my skin. maybe just the slightest bit of dryness in the lips and thats it! my face was just as acned up and oily as usual. though, i have been noticing a difference in something for the past few days now. the back of my hands are soooo dry and scaley! which you'd think id be mad or freaked about but im actually super exci
  3. Oh my gosh that picture is a lot bigger and a lot more detailed than i thought it would be D: eh heh heh...how embarrasing. sorry for its In-Your-Face-ness everybody!
  4. So the journey begins...... I know everybody says that but thats what it feels like Gaaah Im sooooo excited (if you couldn't already tell by the title ) I don't really know what to say other than hi, Im Natalie. Im a girl, im 17 years old, im 5'10" and i weigh about 125pounds. ive tried everything and nothing has made any difference in my skin blah blah blah so my doctor perscribed me two tablets of 20mg of accutane a day (same thing as 40mg) to start out with and im so excited! Oh,
  5. Thanks you guys! hopefully showing my mother your comments will change her mind! she feels that I don't know what I'm talking about but if she hears it from two other people then she's sure to change her mind. Thank you so much for your help! and now that i'll be searching up some endocrinologists in my area, some tips with the hormonal therapy will be most welcome!
  6. That's what I told my mother!!! I know that this is horomonal acne but she doesnt understand. it's driving me nuts! my mood swings (as well as my acne) are off the charts and all she says is "it's normal to be horomonal a lot as a teen" but not like this. you should see me sometimes. literally crying one minute to laughing the next and ive begged my mother to take me to an endocrinologist and she refuses. she thinks that only menopausal women can go. I'd be willing to pay for everything too! im
  7. oh gosh. looking at that picture enlarge is just yucky. not to mention painful. some of the acne you can't even see because it's so deep.
  8. here's a picture of my lower face. i think it's attached to the message. not quite sure how this works and thanks for the advice!!!
  9. Hello there forum! Alright, here's the dealio. I'm a 16 year-old-girl(going on 17) and I've tried EVERYTHING (same as most of you) and NOTHING has worked. I've gone to my derm. multiple times and each time they prescribe me different anti-biotics, topical creams, the works. The only thing that I think has ever had any effect on my acne was BP but it stopped working for me ages ago. After a while of sticking with all of these ridiculous regimes (that I had given much time to work) I'd finally ha