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  1. Thank you guys so much- I went to the derm and he wanted to do antibiotics first. Kind of frustrating, but I hope it will help. Appreciate you guys taking the time to reply to me- I know it is so silly, it really is just a skin condition and there are much worse things I could be dealing with. Maybe because I live in L.A and vanity is in the water out here....anyway, I appreciate the replies and will be checking in on here more often as I visit the derm more.
  2. Hello- I have to first say that everyone's stories have made me feel a lot better- basic background on me- I had completely clear skin until I hit 20- it started with a huge red bump on my NOSE around that age and just kept getting worse. I get cystic acne now, especially before my period. I have been to many humiliating dermatology appointments in the past and even tried a clinical trial, creams, proactiv, you name it- nothing worked. About a year ago, my skin completely cleared without me doin