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    8.30.11 wk1

    First photos
  2. Ok, after 4+ hours looking researching meds/wash, identifying what kind of acne and taking notes on other members on the site ~ I have my first routine to try: First Week AM: Gentile wash with Neutrogena Extra Gentile Cleanser w/baby brush (usually will be in shower). Pat face dry with sponge. Wait 15 min. Apply Benzamycin (8/30,8/31,9/2,9/3,9/5). Wait 30 mins. Apply Clindamycin (9/1/, 9/4). Wait 30 mins. moisturize with ProActive green tea moisturizer Throughout day: oil blott
  3. I believe the pinned post above states that because of temporary cell break down a person will experience initial breakouts. I don't believe it is the water.
  4. does it spread when oozing and itchy?