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  1. Stella was a diver and she was always down.

    1. Stella the diver

      Stella the diver

      haha you're the first one that got it yesssss :)

  2. Man, good for you! So inspiring, I love when someone can bring a positive + simple perspective to the subject of acne.
  3. Let me break down bone broths for you: bones + water + pot (grass-fed/pastured) (filtered) (crock/cooking, not the kind you smoke) You can make it from any meat, chicken and fish take 4-6 hours whereas beef, pork, etc. can cook for up to 2 days. Adding a cut of meat will give it more flavor. You can also add vegetables and herbs last-minute. Ground beef and muscle meats may contain some gelatin, I'm actually not sure. But it's not goin
  4. awakening to your life purposes in spite of skin problems // transforming, resolving, & expanding beliefs along the way

  5. How cool! I mean, I actually have no idea how cool it is to live in Mumbai or even India for that matter, I haven't been yet! I love Indian food and would love to go some day. What are your thoughts on Ayurveda? Is it used frequently in your region? I know the lifestyle recommends dairy as a healing food for acne, which I disagreed with and haven't really looked into since. But I'm starting to think there may be more to it. Do you have any experience with it? I think this thread gets disregard
  6. I'd say follow your own tastes and experiment, you could always brown/broil just the marrow bones or just the veggies. I think the key is to make sure you have some meat in the stock, otherwise it'll just be a pale yellow rather than a more appetizing/aromatic brown (imo).
  7. Urine therapy actually does help with some conditions, that's why it's brought up from time to time here. It's more common in countries other than America, I think. Whenever I talk about it with adults I always get interesting stories about how ingesting or applying urine helped their friend's liver cirrhosis, eye infection, acne, etc. My grandma said when she was a girl her friend's parents recommended she put some of her pee in her ear when she had an ear infection and it made it go away.
  8. Or sported seeds. And you can eat food for snacks. Like a bit of leftovers from other meals. And corgi, do you have fresh ground tahini? Because I bought a jar and it tastes terrible. I think it goes rancid easily. idid a search and found a lot a lot of people saying that fresh ground lest taste like that. But I can't find a source. Not for plain anyway. There's a Greek supermarket but they only sell it made into a garlicky dip. If you want something you can mindlessly shovel into your mo
  9. I realize you've said no seeds. Do you feel they are hard on your digestion because they are so dense? Perhaps if they were pureed they'd be easier for your body to manage? I only ask because Tahini is one of my favorite snacks. Tahini+Anything (fruit, cabbage, carrots) Also cauliflower roasted in the oven by itself or with other veggies is really good. Nori seaweed wraps are great too. You can wrap up anything in them and they're nice and salty. I put avocado, lettuce, and thinly sliced
  10. Ah yes, coconut creamer. Understandable. I used to use Splenda as well but haven't for some time. Aspartame isn't a good idea! Feel free to visit our site in the first post if you'd like to focus more on reducing your sugar intake.
  11. That's awesome! I used to use it a lot. If it works well for you then keep on keepin' on. Thanks.
  12. Hahaha! That's the way we make our food now, yep.
  13. Yes, precisely. Glad to have your attention. Raw honey, fermented things containing sugars that get predigested like kombucha, and fruit are the only exceptions so far, although there is some debate about things like maple syrup, stevia, and coconut nectar. I'm just thinking the more sweeteners which are allowed, the more room there will be to go overboard. Dried fruit and even the honey are possibilities for being eaten in excess.
  14. Citric acid is usually from corn as well, which is strange because its name implies it'd be from, you know, CITRUS fruit. Yeah, I don't do well with corn at all either. I think it may even be worse than gluten for me in many ways. Very acidic in the back-of-my-throat-feeling. Gives me le cysts.
  15. Hey y'all, I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to because, well, you know how it goes. Hope you all had a happy Holiday & New Year's! I know I did. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/48231-new-years/ ("Get a room!") A lot of people I've asked aren't really into New Year's Resolutions. Actually I don't think I've heard many. I'm guessing either people don't want to be held accountable for promises they make to themselves or they prefer to resolve to mak