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  1. Just thought I'd share my experience with epsom salt for my acne. I've been using an epsom salt mask for about 2 weeks and have seen great results. I've been using it morning and night for 20 mins. It has helped my facial acne a lot. Any new breakouts I do get are very small and heal within like 2 days. Also my nose which used to be plagued with black heads are almost completely gone. I don't add anything to the epsom salt mask other then water to make it into a paste. I then place it onto damp
  2. What I've been using as of 2 weeks ago has been purpose facial cleanser, Epsom salt and neutrogena combo skin oil free lotion. I wash my face in the shower with just the purpose cleanser. Once I exit the shower I apply the Epsom salt onto my damp skin and leave it on for about 20 mins. I then rinse the Epsom salt off with Luke warm water under the shower again and wash my face again with a little purpose cleanser just to get the residue of the salt off completely. Last I pat my face dry and I ap
  3. I've noticed that when I don't use lotion my skin looks better. My diet is really good and the only thing I really use on my face is a cleanser and some oatmeal with honey. I'd love to hear some more if u don't mind.
  4. I came across a recipe for a mask/scrub which consists of tea tree oil, honey and brown sugar. I've had some good results with tea tree oil but have never used brown sugar. Has anyone tried this mix with good results? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Fantastic ty! As soon as i buy the sea salt i will keep a log to track my results.
  6. Ive been using a green tea toner without the sea salt and have found it to work great. i want to give the sea salt/ green tea toner a try but where can i purchase the sea salt?
  7. For sure, its reviva 10% glycolic cream. I bought it at the vitamin shoppe.
  8. I use a gylcolic acid cream every other night and have seen fantastic results. I worked my way up from a 5% to a 10 %. It does not dry out my skin at all. I use a salicylic acid based cleanser every 5-7 days. My daily cleanser though is a bp based one by neutrogena.
  9. Maybe try a cleanser with salicylic acid rather then something that has beads to help exfoliate your skin. Also try a lotion with either salicylic acid or even glycolic acid to use at night.
  10. I've been one to use tea tree oil for acne before but always had some reactions to it with my skin becoming red and itchy or feelings somewhat of a burning sensation. After a lot of trial and error i have found what works for me. Ive been using tea tree oil in this manner for about 3 weeks now and it has made my skin that much better. I know almost all of you have tried tea tree oil with maybe little to no success but give this a try. I dont use tea tree oil every day but rather every other day,
  11. For me i use an electric shaver. I used to use blades but noticed a lot of irritation. I sometimes shave in the morning and night it just depends on when i get around to it. i always shave after showering. Ill wait a little bit after my face has dried and right before i use my toner. Its been working great.
  12. It all depends. Ill have some milk whej i run out of my almond milk but that does not happen often, maybe once every couple of months. Just dont dwell on the thought though. Enjoy the little things u like to eat/drink just dont over do it.
  13. If your skin is getting better then all the products u r using r fine. The clarisonic brush is great but i would prolly just use it like once a week. i have one of my own and use it only once a week. When i use the clarisonic ill first wash my face with my hands with my cleanser of choice then ill let the cleanser sit on my face for about 1 min. After that ill then run the clarisonic over my face using small circular motions. After about 1 min ill rinse my face.
  14. my diet now from when i was in high school is completely different. for one i never really cared what i ate since i was trying to gain weight and neevr gave it a second thought of what i was eating was doing to my skin. that has changed drastically over the years. for one i dont drink anymore milk but do still eat some dairy products, not a lot but some. i also comsume a ton of water which before i would maybe drink half of what i drink now. i didnt give up eating out but i do only eat out maybe
  15. I would just use an aha lotion or cream every night if not every other night. Also use an oil free moisturizer on the nights u r not using the aha. What kind of cleanser r u using?
  16. The best one ive been using is neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combo skin. Ive used the cetaphil one before i found that to make my face look and feel greasy.
  17. I used to do the same thing with work and school. Well actually anything that had me leave the house. I just wanted to hide from everyone even my own family. Just know that u r not alone in this battle with acne. Try not to let acne control your life like i used to. What i found to make my acne worse if not more red was using a salicylic acid cleanser every day, twice a day. Now i use it only once every couple of days and switched to a bp based cleanser. I found that to help out a lot.
  18. Ive had something very similar to what u are describing. What i used was a sa based cleanser and some glycolic acid cream on it for a couple of days and it helped out a lot. After using them the white stuff came out much easier.
  19. I have combo skin with mild acne and i moisturize with neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combo skin
  20. I stopped drinking milk years back and switched to almond milk. I cant really say how long but i know i stopped getting all the little white bumps i used to after switching. I think if i were to cut out all dairy completely i would notice more of a change.
  21. i know i've tried a lot of products that made me break out before ever noticing any real results. the worst breakout i received from a product was from the murad clear skin collection. that stuff made me break out big time all over my face especially my forhead. try it out for a little while longer and if it does not work i would switch to something else. also try not to stress about any bumps you might have on your face and try to focus o the good things like how manybe your face is looking a l
  22. keep it up though since a lot of products do take awhile to show any true results. try drinking a lot more water and maybe taking a multivitamin.
  23. Thats great to hear its working! Ive also seen improvement in the overall skin health with bp. Im also using a glycolic acid cream every other night and that is also helping. I used a salicylic acid cleanser before and that just seemed to make my acne more red. By switching to a bp based cleanser my acne is no longer red and has been healing much faster. Plus i get little to no acne anymore! It feels great not waking up in the morning and looking at all the new spots that seemed to have appeared
  24. The one im using is neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask. It has 3.5 bp in it and its been doing the job.