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cooling sensation reduces inflammation does not dry out skin none i use this 2 times a day after my shower and of course before my lotion. it works great and does not smell bad. others have complained about the scent but it does not bother me. i just pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and then wipe it across my face. if i have a pimple which i have popped i pour a small amount of tea tree oil with the witch hazel and hold it there for about a min. this in turn helps the healing pro

By sithas15,

Reduces oil Does not leave face red Nice cooling feeling Nothing Ive used this product on and off for over a year now and i always seem to go back to it. A lot of people have a reaction to this or any other bp based cleanser because they r sensitive to to bp not because the product does not work. I use it twice a day, morning and night and have seen great results. Washing my face is the very last step in my shower routine that way my pores have a bit of time to open with the steam. I

By sithas15,