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  1. The A vitamin is a fat soluable vitamin, it is stored in the fat cells in your body and liver, and it will stay there for a long time. 4 days without the A vitamin won't be a problem for you.
  2. Has anyone in here been in the same boat? - flaring a bit up a few days after getting off accutane?
  3. Why is this happening to me? - It's so unfair - All I want is just normal skin
  4. I did have cystic acne yes... I just don't get why these small bumps appear already.
  5. Hello guys. I ended my 5 month accutane course about a week ago, and I have had a great result. However, I have noticed that I'm getting small red/white bumps all over my forehead. Could it be my acne comming back already? - Or could it be that the skin is just re-adjusting, causing the small bumps? Anyone who has had any experience with this? I'm so sad...
  6. Hello Guys. I finished a 5 month accutane course 5 days ago. However I have already started to get small whiteheads and or milia. Is this normal? Could it be that the skin is starting to adjust ltself? - I'm very sad about it
  7. Hello everyone I have been bored all day, so I figured I'd post something on here... Don't really see the point of this thread, and I don't expect any answears, but I just need to vent. So here I go. I used to be the funny, happy and very attractive person... But then I eventually ended up with acne, and my confidence suffered. From then on, it kept getting worse. It transformed me into a very insecure and sad person. I have been on accutane for 3 months and my face is looking pretty good
  8. I'd wish acne wasn't so complicated =/ As to using it on my face, I wonder if my skin will stay moisterized if I just keep taking it internally. I'd hate to go back to my dry skin.
  9. I started using coconut oil(internally as well as externally) a few days ago because I heard it's so good for dry skin and its also supposed to reduce acne... I must say it really has made my dry skin into smooth and yummi skin. But I have noticed an increased amount of whiteheads on my forehead and chin, some say it's because the coconut oil is pulling out all the bacteria, which I hope is right... Now if any of you have had any positive or negative results with coconut oil please let me know!