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  1. Hellooooo, Your regimen sounds interesting and I'm glad it worked wonders for you! I want to try this out but money's a bit tight so I was wondering if I could just leave the probiotic part out? I already have a multivitamin in my regimen as well as fish oil so would just adding the fiber supplements be okay? Thank you in advance!
  2. Glad to hear you found something that works for you! Haha that is so true. Don't forget to keep me updated with how you're doing!
  3. Hey whatthekell! Yaaay I'm glad someone's reading these and I'm not totally talking to myself here I'm sorry to hear about your flaking issues Hmm if the Cetaphil cleanser ingrdients are different from the lotion then I'd say go for it. Not too sure though. I've also heard good things about Olay products. Have you tried those out? Sorry, I'm bad at giving advice..
  4. Whoaaa it's been a long time since I posted! Sorry just been too lazy :\ Not sure if anyone reads this though haha anyways.. I just started my 5th month into this journey and I'm not sure how I feel. The breakout I previously told you about went away in about say a week or less but left me with hyerpigmentation. Not too bad though. I've since gotten only one decently sized pimple since then but some clogged pores. I also don't like the texture or tone of my skin so that worries me a bit
  5. Well thanks guys I appreciate your responses and I am learning to just accept my pores (way better than having large,inflamed bumps)
  6. hahaa, that women that writes those articles is a nut. no facts provided, strictly opinions. her info is dated too. also, the sun isn't bad for the skin. it's beneficial, unless abused. If BP is "enlarging your pores" then simply stop using it. common sense. don't make people scared of using a product that will most likely clear up their skin issues. I've been using BP for over a year and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm assuming you're talking to me about scaring people? First off, hi I'm no
  7. So I never really seen my pores as being an issue before I started the regimen which was like 4 months ago. But now they're getting pretty big and put of nowhere too! Idk if it's the BP or what. I also haven't been exfoliating since august so I'm wondering if maybe that'll help. Does anyone know if AHA will help with my problem?? I'm freaking out! Oh and it's only happening on my cheeks which are my problem areas and where I put the most BP on..
  8. Well what happened to me was that I got so clear I decided I didn't need my medication all that much anymore. I went out a lot and slept in my makeup. (Tisk Tisk *I know*) When I finally went back to it after a breakout it was too late. Idk if the effect wore off the second time or if I was being impatient and did the regimen wrong. But yeah just stick with it! Good luck (:
  9. Hi This same regimen was prescribed to me back when I went to a dermatologist! It really doesn't matter which order but after I waited some time after washing my face at night I'd apply the Clindamycin wait about ten minutes then apply Tretinoin. This got me clear by the way! Until that fateful summer.. That was probably my fault though. Anyway hope I helped!
  10. Idk these sound like clogged pores to me. I had some of those and they do take a while to go away. Eventually they turned into regular pimples or blackheads, dried up, and went away..
  11. Hey! I use Estee Lauder double wear foundation and I'm on the regimen Maybe my skin would be a bit better if I didn't but it doesn't take away the fact that the regimen works if that's what you wanna know
  12. Hmm really? They work fine for me. Oh well everyone's different.. Well I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck! (:
  13. Omg same here! It's like I can never win. When I first started I thought for sure I'd be clear by now. From now on no more adding products unless Dan recommends them. On the brightside I do see a huge improvement from August. Chin and forehead remain clear it's just my cheeks that always get it bad. Really bad. Well hey at least there's another holiday we can look forward to being clear too P.S. I heard the AHA does a really good job for flakes! Looking forward to ordering it once I get some
  14. Week 14 Heeeello. I know it's been a while but I'm here to tell you all that the regimen does work! Let me explain to you what has happened on the last couple of weeks. At about week 11 I was still breaking out but a lot less! And I almost always saw them coming. My pih was fading dramatically. I'm almost sure I would have been clearer sooner if I would have gotten a recommended moisturizer. Nevertheless once my skin got used to the moisturizer I got in the beginning of my journey all was