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  1. I've been off accutane for 2 months and my acne has not returned. I was trekking for 3 weeks in some remote place with no running water and despite being drenched in sweat and dirt I still didn't break out. There are some small bumps on my scalp (not sure if they're pimples) but nothing on my face. My oil also has not returned. I can still wear makeup the entire day without having to blot. Hopefully it stays that way.
  2. Day ??? Back from my vacation in Vietnam! I don't remember what day I'm on but I've stopped taking one pill a day and have started really tapering off at every other day. My skin is doing fantastic and I didn't break out at all during the trip. Funny enough, the hot, humid weather was actually really good for me and rid me of my dry lips and dry nostrils. My skin also glowed but that could be partially due to the new bb cream I'm using. I picked up Diorsnow BB cream randomly at the airport (d
  3. Haha, because you like my giraffe that much! I'll try out the lipbalm. Thanks for the suggestion. How's your skin doing? Is it getting oily again? Being on 40mg again has been quite nice for me. My lips are barely dry and I can go for a few hours without having to apply any Aquaphor. Can't wait to finally be really done though.
  4. Hmm I used three kinds of Eucerin lotion, just whatever I had around, and they all worked the same. They are Eucerin calming creme, calming itch-relief, and I think the original formula.
  5. That's great you're going on accutane! It may seem scary but if you know what to expect then it should not be a problem. So worth it! I used to have a lot of cysts too so I know how sucky they are. I used Cetaphil gentle cleanser for my facewash and sometimes Perricone Skin Clear Cleanser because that's what I used to use pre accutane and it helped. Using Cerave PM at night was hydrating enough that I did not need to use a moisturizer with my sunscreen. At times, when I wear makeup, I use Clini
  6. Pill 213. So my treatment technically ended on Friday but my derm is having me taper off by taking 40mgs everyday for 3 weeks then one 40mg pill every other day for the final week. I still have 10 pills leftover so it will be about 9 months before I am officially done with accutane. Sounds scarily long but the results have been fantastic. My skin is so smooth, red marks are fading, haven't had a zit in months, and my skin texture is improving. Unfortunately, I have some light scars and that d
  7. Pill 203. Today will be my last day on 80mg. I will only be taking one 40mg pill a day until my appointment with my derm next Friday then I will find out how she plans on tapering me off. I'll be traveling to Vietnam at the end of April so I want to have enough pills to last me until then. Don't want to spend my trip worrying about whether my oil will come back or if I will start breaking out again. Other than that I am just happy to be so near to finishing. Still no new acne so that m
  8. Oh noes don't jinx yourself! How many more pills do you have left? Let me know if you start using Retin-A gel. It really is the perfect topical, since it helps with acne and wrinkles, if only it didn't make me so oily.
  9. Yay congrats! You're still acne free! Do you think the Retin-A is making the oil come back? When I was using Retin-A before going on accutane, it made my skin super super oily. Could just be me though but I'm definitely afraid to try it again.
  10. Pill 199. I lowered my dose to 40mg for the past 3 days just because I was getting really annoyed with my super dry peely lips. I couldn't help but pick at the skin which just made my lips bleed. Yuck! They're much better now and I will return back to 80mg tomorrow. Almost done with my 7th month and I can honestly say I feel exhausted with his medication. 7 months of dry lips is really getting to me. I think I have reached my accutane endurance limit. However, I'm not quite done yet. I won
  11. How tiny are your pimples and are they red/pink or skin-colored? I didn't feel any difference when I switched from 40mg to 60mg and side effects do lessen the longer you are on the medication. I had major back pains when I was on 80mg in my second month but now I barely feel anything. Just something to keep in mind.
  12. jhonyguy04, how are you handling 40mg? Your derm could be keeping you at 40mg for a number of reasons - triglyceride levels are high, experiencing nasty side effects like depression or headaches, or your acne is not that bad. I'm not experiencing any side effects besides dryness but I was kept at 40mg for two months before I lowered my triglyceride. It's not a bad thing to stay at 40mg and do a longer course. Speed is not always your friend. However, if it's really bothering you then you can alw
  13. Jesoli and slowandsteady, Accutane really is a miracle drug and a bringer of confidence. It's unfortunate the medicine doesn't seem to work for everyone. Pill 192. Almost 200 days on accutane. What a journey it has been... While editing some old photos the other day, I ran across some photos I took of my face in its worst state, around the second week when I was experiencing my IB, and it was a rude awakening. I somehow don't remember my skin being THAT bad but it was. I had a huge
  14. Pill 184. Tonight, I had a very nice business dinner that went very well. I'm pretty sure I wowed everyone there and it would definitely not have been possible without accutane. I'm so much more confident now and extremely comfortable being close to other people without having to worry about them judging my skin. I wore a light layer of dr jart bb cream on my cheeks, mac foundation powder all over, then dusted guerlain meteorites on top to give myself quite flawless looking skin. My re
  15. Hmm if you only have 28 days to go then it might not be such a big deal to stop as long as you're super careful with condoms. Worst case scenario you get pregnant and have a retarded baby but you can just get an abortion, if you're okay with it.