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  1. Has anyone had success with vitamin b5 in small doses such as just 500mg or 1g a day? I don't want to start taking 10g a day. I mostly just got it for oily skin and some pimples.
  2. that's the same thing with me! I havent started aha yet but I was thinking I would just test it out in a small spot where my bangs would cover it if it does end up breaking me out
  3. Will aha still cause your skin to purge even if you are clear with Dan's BP from the regimen? Or should I stop using it if it starts to make me break out. Since, won't aha only make you purge if you have acne under the skin by pulling it out sooner? I've been on the regimen for a while and I'm pretty sure I don't have any under the skin blemishes..
  4. Great, Thanks so much! I actually just started the regimen too, so maybe ill reincorporate the aha once my skin gets used to the regimen.
  5. Oh, well the regimen didn't specifically talk about soreness or flaking.. so idk. I just wanted to be sure.
  6. Thanks so much! Will flaking caused by BP eventually go away too (cause your skin gets used to it) ?
  7. Im on day 5 of the regimen and my skin is flaking a lot on my chin. Will my skin eventually get used to this? or do I need a better moisturizer...
  8. I just started Dan's regimen 4 days ago and today my mouth felt really sore, is this normal? I never get cysitc acne, so that's not it i dont think... unless bp can cause that type of acne?
  9. Hi, ok I am going to be starting my first log for dan's regimen, but first i'll share my skin story with you. I only got the occasional pimple before, usually in the "third eye" area. This only happened once every 2 or 3 months though and besides that I had beautiful skin. However, Almost a year ago from today, I started taking birth control pills. They made me breakout worse than ever and left red marks all over my chin and on one cheek. When I eventually went off birth control, my acne go
  10. Has anyone had any success with Glycolic acid for acne? I am using the glytone wash right now and have been for a little over a week. Its made me breakout so badly. Anyone experience an initial breakout? I have small bumps in places I've never gotten acne before and I think it gave me a cyst, im not sure though because ive never had one before, but its unlike any pimple ive ever had. should i stop? PLEASE Help!
  11. I am on about day 6 of glytone mild gel wash and Ive noticed a lot of under the skin pimples have shown up on my skin, even in places where I normally don't get them. Its starting to look pretty bad. should I stop or is this just an IB?
  12. I was recentley using azelex, the cream version of azelaic acid. However, by the end of the 3rd week it gave me small bumps everywhere I applied and Im scared they are going to turn into pimples. I went on this to get rid of my red marks, but ended up with more. I was wondering if I should try finacea instead, the gel form of azelaic acid, since it doesn't have clog poring ingredients that azelex does. Has anyone switched and had good results from azelex to finacea?
  13. dee.s198

    fades red marks slightly (new ones) broke me out in small bumps after the fourth week, some of them have started to head. left me with more red marks than before I used the cream. I wish I didnt try azelex. My skin was looking pretty good before I went on it but I really wanted to get rid of those red mark.. I don't think what I had was an initial breakout since I got little bumps at the end of the 3rd week of use.