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  1. I started having this problem too! My eyelids werent dry per se, but my eyes felt like they were burning (like that feeling you get when you peel onions). I would never apply bp on my eyes, and i would be very, very careful about it too but it still happens. The dry eyes occur more often when i suddenly apply more bp, but it still happens almost everyday. Since I didnt see any other symptoms besides my face clearing up, i just decided to tolerate it. You can try decreasing the amount you apply t
  2. Of course, stinging is to be expected on The Regimen. However, the BP stings my eyes more than my face. I'm careful to avoid the eye area, but the feeling is inevitable. The closest spot where the BP is around my eyes is at the tip of my eyebrow (near the space between my eyes) and the border of my (semi) dark circles. I have a zit in both places, so I kinda HAVE to place BP there. Anyway, when I dot the BP on my face, I don't feel anything. As I rub it in (gently), my eyes start tearing. It'
  3. I tried it once before. It wasn't smooth or creamy enough for my skin. It irritated my skin and didn't hydrate it at all. I didn't like it. But I think you should do trial and error with the products Dan recommends. If those dont work, then just stick to the moisturizer.