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  1. Hello all, So my question is does acne realy cause stress? and why is it? and how can it be solved? Thanks all!
  2. Hello all, Iv been eating 3 weeks realy healthy right now, and please don't tell me I didn't. I eated healthy like hardcore I even give up my 4 years of gym workout for this, I need to start all over again. - Vegables brocoli - proteine is fish only - fats omega and coconut oil (Added with brocoli ) - Drinks Green tea (No sugar added) Suplements: 2x a day with meals. 3000mg vit c zinc 44mg 1 vit b complex 1 multi vit omega total selenium 200 iu magnesium 200iu what is this? is my a
  3. all my friends have clear skin, I asked them how they washing they face. they all using water only. I spoke a woman in a grocery store (organic food store ) I talked with her and she told me she was alergic to soaps/make ups/ perfume etc, the woman age was around 50 and she looks like she was 30 and her skin was flawless she had realy nice radiant skin. I asked her how she wash her face what did she use, she told me that she can't use anything because she was alergic to it, she only wash he
  4. I only eat fish and vegables like brocoli all time and drink water/tea no sugar added I think thats working kind of good for me. I tryed to eat few other things but it increased my blood spike and I breakout of it
  5. okay guys, been like almost 2 weeks now I did acne free diet, It's getting better but it's not realy a big diffrence at all, some pimples fade away then a new one starts again and a few don't even go away. so the last 4 days I drinked smoothies from grocery store REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES. after 4 days drinking like 3-4 x 500ml smoothies I break out! and then later I looked at the lable, Sugar: 12g every 100ml. so was this the reason why I broke out?
  6. Stress hmm, When I do things that I need to laugh more ( Good mood ) Like watch videos or go have fun my acne reduce? is this something going on ?
  7. Did you had breakout? at begin when you start new diet? because I do and I got a feeling to Quit then. breakout is not good?
  8. I eat a lot of vegables only green ones brocoli/spinac etc. I mix them with coconut oil, as meat I only eat fish like salmon,tuna etc. I don't do realy much on other meat cus the hormone put I heard I don't eat carbs at all, sweet potato I do sometimes cus it was healthy they say. Fruit only fruit with NO sugar or Low sugar fruit I eat alot. Whole day drink lots of water NO SINGLE DAIRY SUGAR JUNK SOY WHEAT GLUT so this must be a good diet, I got a feeling that I just wasting my t
  9. I get breakouts to in the healthy diet? whats wrong ? worst then before,
  10. I think eggs are bad for you? or not? I used to eat 5 eggs a day for my workout can I ? Would make me realy happy Btw guys I still get breakout and pimples in a healthy diet this shouldnt be right?? before it was not that worst like this
  11. Justin you motivate me! Realy glad you are on this forum, and help people you a realy kind, thanks for spending alot of time helping people here including me! I have learned a lot from you so far.
  12. are you sure the goggling is alright? Btw I eat vegables from a freezing sack is that okay? like (30% beans ,45%brocoli etc.. ) or should I take fresh vegables? Cod liver oil? No never heared before but I take fish oil.
  13. Is it normal that you get breakout on you're healthy diet?? diet 5 days so far now.. and realy in the 5 days my stomach only goggle like **** what does this means? and I wind a lot. Is this because the diet? Is it good or bad??
  14. Can I still eat so many meat/fish as I want? I think meat and fish gets me breakout? I used to eat 500-600 gram meat a day for my workout, can it be possible that this break me out? cus all the rest is very very healthy A man told me that's about my meat that break me out, or he is wrong ?
  15. When I eat healthy I still get breakout and I realy mean healthy! cut all the bad stuff and eat the good stuf only and when I start to get breakout with my good diet, I want to stop the diet then.