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  1. Mike, I think sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, or certainly not do any harm. When i used to get inflamed spots, i used to go mad and attack them, much to my cost. sometimes i used a disinfected hot needle, and i would puncture the centre of the pussy area, and then steam my face. That way the infection has an outlet in which to escape. I wish i could say somthing more constructive mike, but im sure some others will be able to help better all the best my freind Ummm I'm going t
  2. Use Neutrogena Clear Pore Nighttime Treatment. Best stuff. My skin looks 10000x smoother since I started and I definately saw and improvement in redmarks after about two weeks. It is a bit drying, but just moisturize when you wake up. Also, it feels very slippery at first but absorbs very quickly.
  3. I used Finevin several years ago... it's azelaic acid too, but now it's been discontinued. It was greasy and burnt a like a mother. Perhaps it would have helped, but I literally couldn't stand putting it on my face long enough to find out.
  4. Olay Moisture Therapy Lotion for Sensitive Skin !!! Uber-light, VITAMINS, won't break you out oh yes
  5. Olay Moisture Therapy for Sensitive Skin. Best.Moisturizer.Ever Never makes me feel greasy, is ultralight, a little goes a long way, no fragrance, anti-irritants like chammomile and vitamins. I use this stuff morning and night and it never breaks me out. I've been using it for about 3 weeks, best moisturizer I've tried yet.
  6. I had a really bad experience with azelaic acid. About 3 years ago maybe I went to the derm for my acne (first time, last time) and I was put on Finevin (20% acelaic acid) which I don't think they make anymore, and Differin. It felt greasy and burnt my skin a ton. Perhaps it would have helped, but I (in ALL honestly) couldn't bare to put this stuff on my skin for more than two days at a time. If I were you, I'd be careful.
  7. DONT STOP!!! Its just an initial breakout. It may seem really hard, but KEEP GOING! Trust me, I almost promise. hey bitch, you stole part of my screen name just kidding AHEM! Guess who's been a member since December 4, 2004??? Who? Who? That's right. Oh well, it just shows you have great taste in music. Right on.
  8. DONT STOP!!! Its just an initial breakout. It may seem really hard, but KEEP GOING! Trust me, I almost promise.
  9. Not if it's the right kind, and not if you use it correctly. Try an oil-free one (I especially like ones enriched with vitamins) and use it only morning and night after cleansing (or only once a day if your skin gets oily but still needs the moisture). SPF is good, but I find it makes my skin too greasy, so I skip it. My favorites: Phisoderm PH2o (My favorite... a bit heavy, but really helps your skin and doesn't make you greasy later in the day. It also has an extensive vitamin complex to i
  10. STOP STOP STOP! Don't do anything different from the regimen you were using when you first started this topic! If you switch now, you will only irritate your face and make it much worse. Keep on the same system- there probably won't be any drastic improvements, but it won't screw you over either. TRUST ME, I'm saying this with experience.
  11. It sounds like jock-itch to me. There are plenty of treatments available for it at local drugstores and supermarkets.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with Original Noxzema. It's what my mother used as a teen and she swears by it. It really gets the job done.