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  1. Before the treatment my doc said the power will be 15-20, averaging 17.5 I actually had some local swelling at the areas treated, but not much, e.g. like a big mosquito bite, but no generalized swelling. could it be due to the fact that the doc simply treated the scars, which are distributed throughout? I remember the "zaps" were all pretty quick - they lasted around half a second each time. so I guess I couldn't have generalized swelling from that? Anyway, I can't do anything but wait
  2. i was surprised.. really! maybe Total FX would be more painful, but I just wanted Deep FX for faster recovery. Anyway, today'a Day 2 post-op. Redness has gone done just a bit, but basically I look the same as yesterday. Today I keep using the antibiotic ointment (i guess as I don't have side effects from it, I can keep using it instead of vaseline or other occlusive ointment) and started using Cetaphil gentle cleanser. Through email my doctor suggested using Skinceuticals Phloretin CF after
  3. what a procedure! all the best for your recovery and result !
  4. Thx for the reply Roller, I guess this section is more active, so I posted here. I hope to see results soon, but I expect to have multiple treatments in the coming years, as most of my scars are quite deep and irregular in shape..
  5. Greetings all! I've been surfing this forum for a while, and I finally decided to have Deep FX for my acne scars, which are mostly icepicks and boxcars So yesterday, I had the procedure done to all the individual scars on my cheeks, nose, temples etc. I had topical anesthesia for about 30min. and another 30min for the laser. It was mostly painless, I guess the level of pain is about 1/10. how come? Today is Day 1 post-op. There are very minimal swelling around the treatment areas, with no b