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  1. I have what i think you all may be talking about. They make my skin have a rough bumpy texture. I HATE it so much:( you can feelMILLIONS of them to the touch & see them everywhere when i blow my checks out. They're also on my forehead, between my eyebrows and on my chin. Picture: Is this the type of thing you guys are talking about? Im currently on accutane & breaking out a bunch from these. Hoping for a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. hey jennifer! i aappreciate your comments. I do worry about permanently sensitive skin because its seems very possible for someone who had sensitive skin to begin with (probably from all the other topical/oral acne treatments i used since i was 10/11years old). I obviously hope that my skin will retain the "gorgeous skin" period you talked about. i wonder, what were your dosages throughout your course?
  3. Hello! first off yes, Accutane is still on the market in Socal! I live in socal as well & started my course about a month and a few days ago. I started on 10mg/day for the first month & regret doing so because i personally felt as if it was a "wasted" month:/ Currently on my 4th day of my second month on 60mg/day. No new side effects, so just many more new actives than usual each morning, sensitive skin and mildy dry lips. Not sure if it is worth it but will be sure to answer the que
  4. I've also just read your whole log and hate to read that you're disappointed. I've heard accutane remains in your system for at least a month post, so im interested in any updates you have from now until then! and even 2-3 months after. I definatly think accutane's got some magic left to give you:) keep your head up handsome!