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  1. I have a lavender body spray, and I spritz it on my chest and back before I go out, and I looked in the mirror the other day, and noticed that my bacne was getting much better. I was quite surprised!! Im not sure if it was the lavender or whatever else is in the spray that is helping?
  2. I see the Elijah resemblence, It really stands out to me! But I would have to agree with everyone else, the scars are minimal!
  3. I personaly found that the On-the-spot stuff doesnt work for me. I was also using Persa-gel previous and it worked alot better!
  4. Yeah, I used the Liquid, I liked it, it made my skin so soft minus the acne!!! hmm, the bp that u were using before, is it the same brand as you are using now? If not, maybe u have a reaction to the bp u are using now.
  5. I got some in BC! But its sometimes hard to find, but i got mine at shoppers drugmart
  6. In Canada i found it for $9.99 but i have seen it a few dollars cheaper, still its way too much for that tiny tube
  7. Its hard to find and expensive, is there any other product that works as well as this one? anything by OXY, Clearasil or Clean and Clear? oh yeah, can anyone see the banner below?
  8. what about trying a new moisturizer? Could that help? Also, if your skin tends to flake at lunch, could you re-apply moisturizer before or after you eat??? Good Luck
  9. Yeah, I have used the stuff, I never really noticed any difference, probably because i didnt use it as much as i should. Im sorry, that probably didnt help you much! :? :oops:
  10. I saw that stuff in the store the other day and almost bought it. But I want to know if there are any results! so, good luck and keep us posted!!!
  11. well thanks for the advice I appreciate it!!!!!
  12. I have Active Acne. And I can thank my dad for it! lol BUT His skin is great now, so here's hopin mine looks as good when I become his age!
  13. I just wanted to say hello to everyone on the boards!!!!! Like a most of you I suffer from acne and have been for 5 years. I have started using Proactiv, It works, but not on Red marks. It is also really expensive if u live in Canada. So I am serously contemplating Dans Regimine!