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  1. Game Changer.

    For 8 years I've struggled with annoying red pimples sprouting on my face, neck, chest, and lower back. The struggle was real but it did go away towards the end of high school, but started back up again beginning in college- UNTIL I found this amazing body/face wash. Those skincare instagram posts that talk about black soap are true! Every time I use this I feel my skin tighten and dry out the zits, a feeling I definitely thought people lied about. I shower right before bed, and I make sure I do
  2. Just not good.

    I wanted to like this because I loved the regular pro-matte finish- but it blended terribly and oxidized on my face right away. Every pore stuck out 100x more. Such a bummer.
    Soaks up oil Depletes/erases whiteheads Tightens skin Smooth! Takes a long time! I've been using this with for atleast 3 years, along with another topical (duac, etc). This is the only topical, along with Aczone (my current regimen) that I actually like putting on! Both are sheer and don't smell like bleach or other blahh stenches! But seriously, it's taken me a bit less than three years on this to find other products that accentuate it (currently Aczone, baking soda, Clea
  3. MissKylieTomato

    Clears up most of bacne Beautifully smooth skin Fades scars Irritating on sensitive skin Hasn't necessarily clears up my facial acne- yet I love using baking soda! I saw this on here and with it's pretty sturdy review, I decided to give it a shot. The first time I used it, I only mixed it with a wee bit of water, so it was very concentrated, and smoothed on my face as a mask. It was a lovely cool feeling for the first minute, but as I am on doxycycline, retin-a, and aczone,
  4. MissKylieTomato

    Awesome coverage (especially when using a small, more concentrated brush) bare-feeling (but really only when you first brush it on) expensive ($35 makes the skin slick after a few hours, but dry in other places rubs off way too easily I've used this product for forever it seems, but just this summer (and after checkin out other reviews) I've realized this hasn't helped much, if at all. I realized it just recently because this summer I spent days at a time without foundati
    Nice coverage left skin dry clogged my pores I wanted to love this product. And for a short while, I did! Well, at first I used the Regular CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder and that made my skin breakout like no other! (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT EITHER!) But i liked the coverage, so I decided to try this oil-free version. Not recommendable either. It still clogged my pores and make my skin dry and more pimply! It stinks, because the coverage was pretty nice too...
    None Left my skin oily BURNS! Left my nose and undereyes (where I applied most) very red and sensitive I wanted a good, gentle SPF for my face that was light but effective. I got this product because I found Cetaphil to be a reliable brand. I bought this with high hopes, but the first day I used it, it made my skin very sensitive in those areas. I also tried using it to take off makeup (using a tissue and water) and it stung very badly. And don't get me started on how damaged my under
    Leaves skin feeling tighter and more fresh Non-irritating Smells good I know it probably wouldn't have cleared up my acne if not for my topicals and doxycycline- but it no real cons! I saw this on Dans recommended wash list, and seeing as I have used it in the past, but not religiously enough to say it helped (but it didn't hurt!), I decided to give it another go. I really like this wash, and I was surprised it had a mediocre rating, but really, it's refreshing and I also found