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  1. Day 47 Hello, It's been a couple of days and my face is basically 100% clear only thing is I still get some acne around my jawline/neck area. I also haven't been worrying too much about my skin and just been living my life. I have missed a couple of applications, some days I just applied moisturizer. I have been going out with friends to visit colleges and what not. It's hard to stick with the regimen when you are going out a lot but I need to step it up. I also have been applying AHA+ a
  2. Water, fruit, some more water, vegetables, meat/fish, fruit, some more water. If you are a slacker with the vegy's then take multivitiman.. Dont eat plastic and you are good to go.
  3. Two full pumps or 2.5 pumps if u want to spread some on your neck
  4. New Moisturizer works wonders for me, 2 pumps and 2 drops of Joboba Oil and I'm good to go.
  5. Hey everyone reacts different to AHA+ I am able to use it every night but I like to give my skin a rest and use it every other night. I remember seeing a video where Dan states that he uses it every 3rd night, but remember! to not start using AHA+ until you are at least a month into the regimen. Here I found the video where he says, he uses it every 3rd night. http://www.acne.org/blog/2009/04/03/answering-your-questions-about-salicylic-acid-and-aha/#comments
  6. Hmm I skimmed through that, I may have to read it haha but yeah i guess your right "its not as simple for some people" Maybe because im the type of person that can quit things easy like say if I started smoking for many years I would be able to quit cold turkey.
  7. I've had acne for about 4 years and when I first noticed my face was getting a lot of acne, something needed to be done. So I did my own research and the second I read this phrase "PIcking your acne will only make it worse" I haven't picked since then, ever. I just don't get why people pick, I see it all the time with people picking away at their skin...Likee jesusss don't pickk! It will make it worsee. Basically if you read the above phrase and still pick at your skin, you are simply crazy.
  8. Yeah agreed, thaats what your doing wrong, do it every night and start with a small amount then as the days go by increase the amount
  9. Day 34(up late once again...) Welll guys I got addicted to AHA+, Ive been using it every night and I think i need to calm down and use it every 2 or 3 days. My skin is so smooth now and tone is a lot better because of AHA. I have like 1 active zit which is small and 3 others that just died down, I have a few red marks on my jawline, thats it. Otherwise im preety clear! Oh I also cut down on BP like ALOT, I don't even use a 1 pump, I use half, and sometimes I only use it on affected
  10. Dan's AHA+, you can get it on this website. Best exfoliate out there. Heres a link to the reviews on the product, great reviews! http://www.acne.org/acne.org-aha-reviews/650/page1.html
  11. Umm it sounds like your not even using moisturizer..lol, If u have Dans moisturizer then all you gotta do it use 2 full pumps of it and your good to go, also if you have the jobaba oil then add 2-6 drops in the moisturizer.
  12. Get some paper right down all the negative things about yourself and work on them, better yourself my friend. After a while you won't even question your bad features, you will just be living your life in happiness. Stay positive, mike
  13. 10mg isn't much but since you weigh 83 then, that should be fine, but yeah all the side effects seem really normal, My advise is stop over analyzing you will be fine, after a month passes you will get a blood test, which will probably come out good and then its smooth sailing from there. I recommend dans moisturizer or cetaphill but my dermatologist didn't want me using lotion but I did sometimes.
  14. Day 28(November 22, up late again...) Hmmm what to say, well I still get acne on my jawline, 1 active zit on both sides of my jaw/neck line, but I have no worries they will be gone soon lol, back on day 23 when I said I have those white heads, well there gone. Since then I got 1 small zit on my forhead and another one near my left temple. In total I have 4 zits on my face. There going to die soon though lol. So im about to enter week 5 and I am going to start using AHA+ Im only 18 an