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  1. ******64 Days Post-Tane****** I'm still 100% clear. I think my last pimple was back in March. I should go back and figure out how many days ago that was. It's been amazing. Today the husband is on Day 70. He is approaching being clear. Right now, he probably has about 2 pimples per week. This is a pretty big improvement over where he has been.
  2. ******53 Days Post-Tane******* My hair oil level has gone back to normal. It needs to get washed every day now. I still haven't had even 1 tiny pimple, which is amazing. The other news is that I am seriously considering trying to get pregnant. I am in the middle of my cycle right now. I want to finish out this cycle and one more month before I start trying. I really want to give the accutane time to clear out of my system. I am also going to stop taking spironolactone. Honestly, I really have
  3. *****39 Days Post Tane***** So, the oil is definitely starting to come back. It's been two days, and my hair is definitely dirty. My skin is still 100% clear though. Today the husband is on Day 45. His skin is still doing quite well. It seems like his side effects have eased up as his skin is no longer as flakey around the mouth/lip area.
  4. Man, I can't believe you're still breaking out. I really thought you'd have seen some good progress by now. What did your derm think at your last visit?
  5. *****34 Days Post-Tane***** I think I may have gotten a little bit of my oil back. The other day I looked in the mirror and it had been two days since I washed my hair. It appeared like it may have been getting dirty, so I washed it. I'm not entirely sure it was really dirty or not, but we'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks. Today the husband is on Day 40. His skin is still looking fairly good although very dry around the mouth. He's not 100% clear yet, but he is getting ther
  6. I'm pretty surprised you haven't seen any improvement at all. I can see that you started with an extremely low dosage, but you bumped up to 40mg during the 3rd month. I still would think that it would have had some effect by now. How much do you weigh? Keep us posted on how things are going!!
  7. *****28 Days Post Tane***** I'm still clear and I still don't have to wash my hair. I'm quite surprised. I figured the pre-accutane oil would have returned by now, but it hasn't. Today my husband is on Day 34. His progress has slowed, but he's still breaking out FAR less than normal. The dermatologist gave him another month of 60mg/day.
  8. I was worried about it coming back too. Fortunately, nothing of the sort has happened. It's been 3-4 weeks since my last pill and nothing has changed. I STILL don't need to wash my hair, even though the amount of oil on my face has increased about 20% since stopping the pills. I guess the 20% isn't enough to make a difference. Last night was the first time I had washed my hair in 4 days and it still wasn't dirty. My skin is still perfectly clear, and I haven't had a single pimple in over 2 month
  9. His acne was on his back, neck, chest and face. He had cysts mainly, but maybe a couple regular pimples. His skin is still looking good, and no bad breakouts. *****19 Days Post-Tane***** Still no oil. No pimples. I'm REALLY starting to wonder when things are going to go back to normal. I don't really feel like I should still be able to go a week without washing my hair. The husband is on Day 25 today. His improvement has slowed somewhat, but it is still much better than average. He goes to th
  10. *****17 Days Post-Tane***** I STILL have not gotten much of my oil back. I can still go several days without washing my hair. I am starting to wonder if it is ever going to come back or if this is going to be the new normal. Good news is that I'm still clear. I haven't had a zit since March. Today is the husband's Day 23. He is still doing great and has minimal side effects. His skin is looking better every day.
  11. *****13 Days Post Tane***** Things are going well on the Spiro. I still have no need to wash my hair. My face, like I mentioned before, is more oily, but is still quite good. Still no zits. My lips are better, but the inside of my nose is not. It still hasn't healed up. I really can't tell what the problem is. Hopefully it will get better. Today is my husband's Day 19. His skin is even better than before. Literally, he stopped getting zits the day after he took his first pill. I guess some
  12. You'll probably be pretty close to being finished on July 12th. Just make sure you get your last prescription & bloodwork done BEFORE that time, and you should be good. No matter what, do not go walking around without ANY health insurance. Buy it on your own if you have to. Get a high deductible and it should be under $100/mo. There's nothing so foolish as walking around without any health insurance when it is relatively affordable.
  13. *****10 Days Post-Tane***** I am still doing great. My skin has gotten a little bit more oily, but not a lot. I'm still clear as crystal. Haven't had a zit in over 2 months. So far, I am liking the Spiro. I think it is helping control the oil. I still do not have to wash my hair every day. I think I will be able to do every-other day from here on out. We'll see how things are in another week or so. Today is husband's Day 16. His skin has actually gotten better. His face is almost entirely
  14. its only been 4 months, but it had gotten pretty bad.. i guess bad enough for acccutane.. just a question.. so when you stopped the tretinoin and differin.. did you skin get better? i was thinking id stop all retinoids.. stick with OTC things like BP and maybe some AHA and see what happens in a month, but of course, if i do accutane, i want t do asap.. thanks. My skin did get better with BP. I have always responded better to it than other topicals. I did accutane anyway though. I'm cryst