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  1. I have been using Paula's choice exfoliating 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid for a month now . I use it once a day (PM) and I can say that backheads are all gone ! I guess it is the BHA action on the skin. In my experience BHA works better than AHA.
  2. I have been having a very unusual experience with fish oil supplement: soon after I started I experienced hair loss. I have no idea how this works and again in the end what counts is your personal experience with one treatment but I decided to stop taking fish oil and hair loss seems to be stopping as well. it might be due to the possible connection with increased testosterone as result of intake of fish oil? which might also explain why in some cases fish oil causes acne break out ?
  3. outandabout

    Reduce acne marks Black heads DISAPPEAR! Even skin tone Skin is softer None ! I highly reccommend this product. It cleared my skin of black heads! Not one left after a couple of weeks of regular use . This product made the difference for my skin. I guess is the power of BHA! Way better than AHA .
  4. I can only share my personal recent experience. Though probiotics helped me in the past when I was treating candida recently I have been experiencing an acne break out mainly in the area around my chin and this while I was taking probiotics. My skin had been acne free for a long time before. I have no explanation for this but my acne break out stopped and my skin came back to normal soon after I stopped taking probiotics. It would never cross my mind that pro biotics could be responsible for m