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  1. So, I spent 5 years going the holistic route trying to clear my skin. Did it all: Paleo, Super low/no carb, gut diet, vegetarian, you name it I tried it. Nothing ever got me clear, until the last few months. I moved to NYC a few months ago for a new job. The job is quite stressful, I don't sleep enough, eat lots of crap, but am clear. This goes against everything I have been doing for years. I got to thinking what might be the cause of this. The only change is that I haven't been watching my
  2. I have absolutely no GI issues whatsoever. No bloating, gas, anything like that. BMs are frequent and healthy. I know I need to eat more, just a matter of finding the appetite. Carbs are just so much easier to eat lots of for me than fats.
  3. Well it's been about 3 months now of being on this program. My skin has been breaking out quite a bit the past few weeks, not sure whats going on. I think my skin looked the best during the first 2 weeks of doing this. Only thing I noticed positive is I have no more white film on my tongue. Just noticed the other day. Not sure if that really even means anything at all. Still eating no starches or fruits. Just fats, meat, and fiberous veggies. Main problem is I am just losing WAAAY too much we
  4. When i started this I went all out too. Didn't really work my way into it. I had some gas pains for like a week when I'd drink kefir, but just pushed through and am doing much better. No symptoms whatsoever when eating tons of probiotic sources.I'd say if its bearable, just keep doing what you are now.
  5. UPDATE 8 weeks: So I've been following this program for 8 weeks. Diet is lots of meat (about 3 lbs day), veggies (raw and steamed), juice(made fresh, carrots, cucumber, kale, cabbage, celery, etc), oils like coconut and olive. Eating about 3,000-3,500 calories/day. Losing weight but thats because I'm a very lean(8ish%), 200 lb, and have a very high metabolism. Just keeping protein high and doing a little Fall/Winter cut I guess. Probiotic sources: -quart of water kefir daily(cultured fo
  6. These threads just end up listing like every single food group, and then people are afraid to eat anything. Everyone is different, so looking at what breaks one person out, and assuming it will cause you problems is a bad idea.
  7. This is a VERY good point. How are YOU choosing what girls you are interested in? Do you not give certain girls a second look based on some cosmetic flaw of theirs(weight, skin, face, etc)? Perhaps not looking at your potential partner in a superficial way yourself, and looking for a girl with a great personality would aid you in your search. I know every guy wants a hot girl, which is fun for a while, but eventually, as others said, you want to find someone with a great personality who likes yo
  8. I don;t see any reason why not. I also hate the taste of regular sauerkraut, but something like kimchi where you have cabbage, onions, garlic, and spices tastes so much better. I get fermented veggies from a local company and they have all sorts of different mixtures that taste good. One is beets, kale, and seaweed. Another is fermented cabbage, but with lemon juice and ginger. Adding spices will make it taste much better. Like I said, I can;t stand regular fermented cabbage(sauerkraut). Try out
  9. You mean insulin sensitivity? Insulin Resistance is not a good thing....
  10. I've been eating my water kefir and milk kefir grains(used for coconut milk). Both are multiplying very quickly, and I heard its really good to eat them. I drink a quart of water kefir and a can's worth of coconut milk kefir daily as well.
  11. On the Gutflora.com site that WhiteFox listed it says under spices: "One study showed that hot spices are linked to increased intestinal permeability (20). Eat in moderation if tolerated." So I guess that could be an issue for you.
  12. Sure. When I'm bulking I make smoothies with a can of coconut milk, frozen fruit, and juice in it. Easy calories.
  13. Protein shakes are basically the last thing you need when trying to gain weight. They are designed to be low-calorie and protein rich. Far more useful for someone looking to lose weight and keep protein intake high to avoid muscle loss. To put it simply: Person A eats 2,000 calories + 5 protein shakes (600cal) totaling 2,600 daily calories Person B eats 3,000 calories and no protein shakes. Person B will gain more weight. Pretty simple. Unless you are bodybuilding you don;t need large a
  14. Yea, the sauerkraut I've been is getting is from this company http://www.rejuvenative.com/ I just started also getting some froma local company here in town http://esotericfoods.com/products/ They both have a lot of variety, and more thna just original sauekraut. I'll keep you updated in the future. I'm willing to commit long-term and see if this finally helps. I've been trying so many diet/holistic approaches for 5 years that I can stick with any regimine now.