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  1. Swj48

    Feels cool (menthol) Tingly Hard to rinse off unless in the shower. Doesn't really work well, but make you think it is because of the cold feeling it leaves. Takes forever to really wash because you have to rub for so long and you have to rub hard. Leaves face red. Ivused this for a long time because as I said in the cons, you THINK it's working... It isn't! The menthol in it makes your face feel cold and tingly so you feel like it is clean, but really it hasn't done much if
  2. Swj48

    Not greasy Goes in easy and quickly Helps clear skin and keep it fresh Makes skin very smooth while not oily Helps regulate oil production Gets rid of flakes and dryness Leaves skin with a weird sort of stinging sort of cold feeling right after use that lasts about 5-10 minutes for me but it doesn't make my skin red so I don't mind it. Kind of tingles and sort of feels good. Need to use a lot if you have very dry and flaky skin after the first 2 steps of the regimen as I
  3. Swj48

    Reduces size of large zits & cysts Clears zits quickly when used as spot treatment Prevents new acne pretty well when used all over as in the regimen Goes in smoothly and easily Absorbs quick with minimal white residue left behind Small tube Somewhat drying, but not bad for being 10% can't find the 5% or 2.5% anywhere but would like to try them... Overall it works as good as any bp treatment. It is a gel which is nice, but only the 10% is widely available so I h
  4. Swj48

    Cleans well Removes oils and dirt Doesn't smell terrible Foams very well Easy and quick to use Feels comfortable on skin Soft Has been very drying for me, I've needed to use lots of lotion, and I know it's from this not the bp because I have been using bp for years and then when I got this cleanser my face instantly was WAY more dry even after one use. But it is becoming less dry now after a few weeks of use... Maybe I just needed to get use to it. Great cleanser. I