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  1. I use the same moisturizer. Don't love it, but like you it is the best I can find. And I think the SA in it works well for me with the bp on the regimen so for now I'm sticking with it. Will prolly try a new moisturizer eventually though because the clean and clear just doesn't get rid of flakes completely, but it is good enough for now.. As for your other products, I'd suggest dropping the toner, and trying purpose gentle cleanser. It is the best OTC cleanser in my opinion and is minimal dry
  2. Swj48

    Gets rid of flakes Very moisturizing A little goes a long way Kind of thick Leaves face greasy Amazing moisturizer while on the regimen, but... Only use it at night. It leaves you looking very greasy. I use this at night and a different lighter, but not as good, moisturizer during the day that doesn't make me greasy looking. Using it just at night is still better than not using this moisturizer. It is seriously the best around at getting rid of dryness and flakes. Use it at night
  3. I'm the exact same way. And I agree that it is genetic. Some people break out only in the t-zone and the forehead, which are the most oily areas, but others, like us, don't. I'm sure it is genetic because my dad was the exact same as me as far as acne goes, and his skin cleared when he was in his early 20s and I'm now 21 and mine is going away more and more each month. I am VERY oily on my nose and forehead, but I rarely get any acne on either of those places. Mine is all on the cheeks and ja
  4. I always do. Seems to be fine. If I try to avoid it, it's just difficult and I end up with dry skin around the zit, which is irritating for it. At night, after doing all 3 steps of the regimen, I apply a 10% bp right on just the zit if I have one to help it go away quicker. But definitely use moisturizer on it.
  5. Swj48

    Close shave Comfortable 3 blades with no irritation None Great razor. Best I've used. Closer shave than a 2 blade, and more comfortable, without any irritation that other 3/4/5 blade razors cause.
  6. Swj48

    Cleanses well Smells nice Gentle A little drying Overall is is a great cleanser. Gets the job done and leaves skin feeling clean, but also a little bit dry and tight. Use lots of moisturizer and you are good to go. Best cleanser I have ever used, and I've tried a ton!
  7. Use the acne.org regimen. It works wonders.
  8. When that happens to me, or I pop a small zit before washing, I usually just pat it with a tissue every minute or so until it stops leaking, then go on to step 2. If it keeps leaking persistently, I just avoid that zit while applying bp and moisturizer, because I think it is better to avoid that one tiny spot one time than to spread stuff from it leaking all over.
  9. Only pop if it's gonna pop easily. You shouldn't need to squeez very hard. And follow dans tips for popping zits. Wrap your fingers in tissues to help keep the pus off your face.
  10. Honestly, if you are on the regimen, use dans bp. That will be the cheapest. You can buy .75 oz for $4 at a store, or dans 8 oz for $20 (that includes shipping). Do the math. Dans is better, and more affordable over time.
  11. Use whatever you need to cover all your problem areas. Doesnt matter what type of acne you have. That's what I do and it works. If I have skin that never gets acne I don't put bp on it twice a day. Maybe once every other day just to be safe, but I only apply bp twice a day to my problem areas. I use a generous amount on those areas. In the end, I don't use the full amount of bp Dan recommends because I'm not covering my entire face. So I recommend using a generous amount on all of your problem a
  12. Swj48

    Goes on clear and easy Works fast Not overly drying after a few weeks No scent Absorbs well None so far Best bp ever. Not a cream so it is way easy to apply and it absorbs into your skin very well. It is clear and does not have a scent. Doesn't leave white residue. Works just as well if not better than any other bp that is 10% but is way less drying. No joke, this is the best bp available. And the huge bottle is awesome.
  13. Never for 4 months but i have had similar bumps that have lasted as long as 1 month in the past. I don't get that anymore now that I've been on the regimen for awhile but my only suggestion would just be patience. Maybe stop putting treatment on them and see if they run their course faster instead of being slowed by treatment but never fully eliminated. Good luck!
  14. Soda and coffee don't affect my acne. Just being around people smoking though makes me break out a day or two later I've noticed. But sometimes I drink a lot of soda and coffee and sometimes I'll go a few days or a week without either and I see no difference. I'm also a beer drinker. A couple beers a night maybe more than that on the weekends but I don't see that making it worse since I've started drinking beer consistently. My guess would be the smoking is not helping your acne. I use to get cy
  15. If I don't shave for awhile it will lighten my beard, but not like til it's blonde, just a lighter brown or light reddish kind of color. And my eyebrows are a little off color since I've been using bp all over. Just the tips cuz I get some in there accidentally pretty much every time. Oh well. Shave often and you won't notice any change in color.
  16. Well accutane will make you VERY dry so I'd try cetaphil moisturizing lotion, it is pretty greasy feeling if you aren't super dry, but on accutane it should be perfect because it moisturizes very well and doesn't cause breakouts at all. If it ends up being too much and too greasy then maybe try clean and clear dual action moisturizer if you are allowed to use salicylic acid while on accutane. Ask your derm first if you don't know. That is the active ingredient in it, but only .5% so it's not muc
  17. Cetaphil moisturizing lotion is great but it is pretty greasy unless you have very dry non oily skin. Clean and clear dual action moisturizer is probably my favorite as of now, but it contains salicylic acid so make sure you have been on the regimen for awhile before you try this. Some people have bad reactions to the combo of bp and sa, I don't personally, but some people report that they get super dry and red and crusty, so if you don't know how your skin reacts to that combo, start with a ver
  18. Glad that works for you. I was using that clean and clear lotion for awhile and it never moisturizes enough for me! I loved how light and non greasy it was, but flakes and dryness would always reappear after about 20-30 min. It was frustrating. Now I'm using cetaphil lotion and it is working great but it is definitely greasy. I gonna stick with it for awhile and see if maybe my skin adjusts and it becomes less greasy after awhile... yeaa i'm still having problems with flaking and dryness but i
  19. Purpose gentle cleanser is awesome. Not very drying and cleanses well. Really does feel as gentle as water like the label says.
  20. Clean and clear foaming facial cleanser did the same thing to me. Very very drying and became intolerable after awhile. I switched to purpose gentle cleanser recently and it is much better. Cleanses just as well as clean and clear but it is much less drying!
  21. With the cetaphil lotion I've found that a little goes a very long way! And just keep massaging it in, a little longer than Dan suggests and it absorbs pretty well. My skin still feels greasy (lotion-y? It isn't really greasy but I feel like I can feel lotion on it) all day after using cetaphil, but it doesn't LOOK anymore greasy or oily than if I didn't use it. Just try to be sparse with your application and just massage it around for awhile. If you use too much, you will definitely look greasy
  22. Glad that works for you. I was using that clean and clear lotion for awhile and it never moisturizes enough for me! I loved how light and non greasy it was, but flakes and dryness would always reappear after about 20-30 min. It was frustrating. Now I'm using cetaphil lotion and it is working great but it is definitely greasy. I gonna stick with it for awhile and see if maybe my skin adjusts and it becomes less greasy after awhile...
  23. Using cetaphil lotion right now and it is greasy feeling, kinda thick, but it works! It is the most moisturizing lotion I have ever used and doesn't break me out, so I say if you can stand the greasy feeling, it's worth it. Give it a try. Some people don't feel that it is as greasy as others too, so you never know how you will react.
  24. Some people just have bad reactions to different products. You gotta keep trying to find a cleanser that works for you. I was using clean and clear foaming cleanser and i got clear but I was soooooo dry. So I switched to purpose gentle cleanser and I love it so far. Way less drying and irritating for me. Just depends.
  25. I don't use dans moisturizer. Haven't liked the reviews so I never even tried it. I am currently using cetaphil moisturizing lotion. It works great, the only drawback is that it feels kinda greasy and can take a little longer than Dan says to absorb because it is a thicker lotion. But I like it overall and it hasn't made me break out. Other moisturizers either broke me out, or didn't moisturizer enough and I had flakes and dry spots about 20 min after applying. This stuff moisturizes great and I