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  1. Despite the contradicting reviews, I have yet to find a moisturizer that I love, and some people seem to really like dans moisturizer. So I am giving it a shot. Hoping i am one of the people who it works wonders for because I just can't find a good moisturizer that I really like! Things are either too greasy/oily, or they just don't moisturizer well enough and I need tons of jojoba oil which leaves me very shiny looking. Anything I should know about applying dans moisturizer that may be diffe
  2. Ok, I know Dan says electric shavers are bad and irritating, but I wanted to share this with guys who are shaving on the regimen... The Philips norelco aquatec electric shaver is the greatest shave I have ever had! It is not irritating at all, and is extremely smooth and fast to use, while giving the closest shave you will ever have, which makes applying bp and moisturizer after much better! It also does a great job sloughing off dead skin and flakes. The aquatec technology allows it to be
  3. That's great that it is both looking and feeling better! Like I said dryness is different with everyone so maybe your skin is adjusting quicker than most to the bp and your dryness is starting to subside already in just week 2. Keep upping the bp dosage on schedule until you are at the full amount and you will be clear soon! Good luck.
  4. Again, just depends. Everyone is different. For example: Dan says he can never stop doing the regimen twice a day, as he instructs, or he will break out. But many other people, after doing it for 3-6 months or until clear, are able to reduce to just at night. I sure hope I can do that someday! I hate doing it in the morning because it takes so damn long to get ready after I shower, but we shall see. Once you are completely clear, try it out for a week or so, and see what happens. But be warned,
  5. First, washing 3x a day is too much. That is causing unnecessary irritation which causes acne. Here is exactly what I do and use, and it works perfectly. Morning: Wash with purpose gentle cleanser Apply dan's bp all over face Moisturize with clean and clear dual action moisturizer + 2-3 drops of jojoba oil (about to try dans moisturizer for the first time though once it gets here) Night: Wash same as morning Bp same as morning Moisturize same as morning but with 5 drops of jojoba
  6. (actually Equate Bp is about $16 for 8 oz) (2oz for $4)! I'm was Running out of Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide (argh) and I was like i can't afford to buy another bottle right now! lol so i was looking for the cheapest bp at the stores and after a WHILE looking i found the EQUATE PROACTIV compared 2.5% benzoyl peroxide! awesome it was 4.18 for 2 ounces! so i bought two 4 ounces for 8 bucks not bad! & no shipping charges. I just used it right now & my face feels pretty soft. so far so good. we'll
  7. Everyone reacts differently to these treatments. My post is presenting the average reaction and time period for dryness to occur and then subside. For myself, it started to subside between weeks 4-6, but even today my forehead is always more dry than the rest of my face for some reason, so I only do the regimen on my forehead at night. So yeah, just keep in mind that everyone is different, but if you follow the regimen precisely you are likely to have an experience similar to the one I described
  8. Jojoba is definitely shiny. Mix just a few drops with your moisturizer and you are good to go. I usually mix 2 drops in the morning to minimize shine, and 4-5 drops at night because, well, I don't care how shiny I am when I'm asleep.
  9. I think purpose gentle cleanser is the best OTC cleanser. and I've tried quite a few... But to each their own.
  10. I wanna try the cerave pm lotion. I've heard great things. Do you use jojoba with it? If not, try adding some. That makes a big difference if flakes are starting to come back. That means your skin is adjusting to the lotion and the jojoba will give it the extra kick it needs. My dryness is pretty under control these days, but I have yet to find a lotion I love. I alternate between clean and clear dual action and cetaphil moisturizing lotion. Usually use cetaphil only at night since it is so grea
  11. Looks awesome. Happy for you! Regimen is awesome! Other than the dryness of course... Lol that remains its only flaw. But better clear and dry than broken out and not dry in my opinion.
  12. What you are doing wrong is overreacting after only 4 days on the regimen... Lol give it time and relax. Your skin needs to adjust. For example, when I started, for the first 4-6 weeks, my forehead was WAY dry, but my lower face wasn't as bad. It will even out as your skin gets used to the regimen. You can expect dryness and flakiness, whether it is all over, or just half your face, for the first couple months, then it will subside slowly. Be patient and good luck.
  13. I would use a cleanser that is more gentle, with no active ingredient like SA. You won't need that on the regimen and it could be overly irritating. I'd suggest using purpose gentle cleanser. It is awesome. Lemon juice as a toner, or any toner, is not necessary on the regimen. Follow it exactly and you will see good results. You are using 2.5% bp which is great! But what kind? Honestly the acne.org bp is the greatest acne treatment on the planet. I highly recommend ordering it... It is th
  14. wow thankyou! I didn't actually realise being clear over time would reduce them Yep! Blemishes and red spots are generally left behind by old acne, so if you stop new acne from forming, eventually those spots will fade as your skin naturally sheds layers and repairs itself.
  15. Red spots will fade over time, but cleansing, bp, and moisturizer do not help those at all. Being clear will allow them to fade over time, but that's about it.
  16. You are too early in the regimen to use AHA, so don't do that yet. And as far as dryness, it is normal to not be terribly dry right away, it will set in though. I think my first 2 weeks I wasn't super dry, then it got REALLY dry for a few weeks, then started to tone down around week 5-6. My dryness is pretty much gone now, except my forehead flakes still for some reason... Don't know why it's just my forehead, I don't even put much bp on it lol oh well. Good luck.
  17. Hmm. I'm not really sure what it is, but I do know I have gotten irritated spots/patches before that stay extra red and dry for a couple weeks or something. I just try to use extra moisturizer on it and maybe not get as much bp on it til it goes back to normal. Seems like it just gets irritated by something randomly and takes awhile to go back to normal because the regimen prolongs it... That's all I got really. Like i said ive had something similar a couple times hat lasts a cople weeks, so tha
  18. Don't worry! There's a light at the end of the tunnel. I notice so many posts about dryness and people being frustrated and upset about it, and I have been replying to quite a few of them with the same answer so I figured I'd just start a thread for it so people can read it easily. If you are starting out, dryness is completely normal! From minimal dryness to A LOT of dryness, everyone is different. I was extremely dry and flaky for my first month or so on the regimen and it was very annoying
  19. I stay at my girlfriends quite a bit when we are home from college (like now during winter break) and at first I would just shower at night really quick, just rinse off for like 2 min and use cleanser in the shower, then do bp and moisturizer after that as my regular "getting ready" routine. I shower because I felt weird washing my face and putting all this acne medicine and whatever as a guy in front of my girlfriend at her house... Lol kinda dumb but it made me feel more comfortable about doin
  20. Dan actually recommends that you change nothing when you workout. Sweat is unrelated to acne, so sweating during a workout should not affect your skin, unless you are working out within an hour after doing the regimen because the bp is still active at that point. If you take a bath, I would suggest not wetting your face unless you are doing the regimen right after. Sweat from your workout won't affect your acne, but over washing will. Good luck.
  21. I recommend purpose gentle cleanser, dans bp, and whatever moisturizer you like. Moisturizer is the toughest thing for people to agree on so just try some out and see what you like. I like clean and clear dual action moisturizer as well as cetaphil moisturizing lotion (cetaphil at night only because it makes you look oily). I stand by purpose gentle cleanser and dans bp 100% as the best cleanser and bp available.
  22. Absolutely. Don't be deterred by dryness. It is normal to be VERY dry in the first couple months. It will slowly subside around weeks 6-10. Everyone is different but it is crucial that you keep moving towards the full bp dosage even if you are very dry and flaky. You will benefit in the long run from this and get clear faster. By week 4-6 you should be up to the full amount of bp. Good luck!
  23. Starting slow is key, but so is gradually working your way up to the full bp. By week 6 you should be using a full fingers length of bp, or two pumps if you have the big size. This is perhaps more crucial than starting slow. Dryness and irritation is very normal over the first couple months. But it will slowly upside. Just don't be afraid to up the bp dosage, even if you are dry! You say you are currently "a little dry" and that is a sign to up your bp if you are a week and a half in. Being VERY
  24. Purpose gentle cleanser. Best OTC cleanser available. I had the same issue with clean and clear foaming cleanser, purpose is waaaaaay less drying.