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  1. i get dryness around my eyes from the regimen. it is from the cleanser for me. i just use cetaphil lotion around my eyes after i have completed the regimen. i moisturize my face with dans moisturizer, but cetaphil works wonders for the dry spots around my eyes. i make sure to wash my hands in between to ensure im not getting any bp on my eyes. i would give that a shot. works great.
  2. That's how I do it. Full regimen at night, and I just use a very small amount of bp on problem areas during the day. Staying clear so far after a week of this.
  3. Some feel that sex/masturbation, particularly very often, causes breakouts. Personally, I don't notice any difference in my acne no matter how much sex I'm having or how much I'm masturbating. Sometimes I'll have sex 7+ times in a week, others I'll go a week without sex, and I see no difference. Only thing you can do is to stop having sex for 2-3 weeks and see if you clear up. And if you do, then you may just need to tone down the sex in the future. Unfortunate... But possible, as many people on
  4. Burning sensation when applying the moisturizer is normal for the beginning of the regimen. According to Dan, this an last up to a couple months for some people, just depends on the person. Hopefully the burning is only lasting a few minutes though and you can tough it out, because you likely are going to have to deal with it for a few more weeks. I'd say keep increasing the bp as directed though.
  5. Periodic breakouts after some clearing is normal for the first 4-6 weeks on the regimen. Don't worry. You will notice though that your breakouts clear faster, and become less severe as long as you stick with the regimen precisely as directed by Dan. Good luck. By weeks 7-8 you should be 90-95% clear and no longer be breaking out. Just random pimples here and there, which is to be expected until you eventually grow out of acne.
  6. Part of the problem is that you are using a cream bp. I highly recommend dans bp. It is the best available and it is a gel that will not ball up like what you are currently experiencing. As for the bumps your neck... That isn't normal. The skin on your neck can be very sensitive though so maybe you personally just have a bad reaction to it on your neck. I would avoid putting it on there if it is too irritating, but maybe it will subside and just needs to adjust. Jojoba balling and flaking
  7. I have been weening off bp for the past week. I've done the regimen for several months and am probably 95% clear, which is good enough for me based on how I use to be! But, I'm getting really tired of the dry, tight feeling skin. I'm not flaky anymore. That subsided around week 4-6, but my skin just always feels dry to the touch, no matter how much moisturizer I use, and when I use lots it just doesn't seem to absorb and it just sits on top and makes me oily looking/feeling. Basically I star
  8. You should start using just the tip of your finger's length. Gradually work up to a full finger length by week 6. Never more than that. Not 2 fingers. You need to start slow and work up to it because your skin needs to adjust to the bp. If you start with a fingers length you will have VERY dry red flaky itchy skin and will be miserable. Start slowly. You may be confused because if you have the pump bottle, you use 2 pumps as the full amount (week 6+), but with the tube, you use 1 fingers leng
  9. Thanks for the photos. I appreciate it! I hope I don't get really bad reactions from it........ Praying! Yes I'm planning on doing that too! I'll probably start a log. You should too and we can compare and discuss it together! :) best of luck to both of us yeah? Keeping a photo log is a great idea and I'd recommend it. I wish I had done that. It'll help you see week by week improvement, which will definitely help you keep on it and stay disciplined with it even if the dryness gets tough
  10. I wouldn't. Sweat does not contribute to acne, so I wouldn't do the regimen after your workout. I workout a lot as well, but usually do it in the morning before I shower or right before I'm going to do the regimen at night, but sometimes I do it mid day, and I've found that it doesn't affect my acne, I just feel extra oily the rest of the day, which is better than being too irritated and breaking out IMO.
  11. It works. I'm in college as well and I know how it feels to have acne at this stage of your life. I am a senior now, but when I was a freshman-sophomore my acne was BAD. Junior year it started to fade, I think just because of genetics, and now I've been on the regimen for awhile and am like 98% clear. I currently get 2-3 zits per month, which, honestly, is nothing for me. They aren't huge red mofos either. I use to have 5-10 huge red zits along with a bunch of smaller ones at a time, always... I
  12. I saw significant improvement after just 2 weeks. After 2 months I was about 95% clear.
  13. Cleanser dries my skin out pretty bad as well. I try not to move my face or even talk at all between cleansing and moisturizing because if I do I get cracks and flakes. If I don't move my face it doesn't flake up but it is so tight and dry still. I absolutely don't shave with cleanser either because it just sucks. I don't know how Dan does that. Happy to be 99% more clear than I was before the regimen but I would love to finally just have clear AND normal skin. Regimen is great for clearing but
  14. Keep going strong and don't veer off track. The first month is tough but for many people you are pretty damn clear if not 100% clear by week 5-6 and then can start changing things up and becoming more relaxed about it. But discipline during the first month is a must.
  15. The weird bumps could mean an allergic reaction. Everything else is normal though for the first few weeks of the regimen. May want to consult a doctor or stop bp for a couple days and see what happens.
  16. So today I'm starting to slow down my regimen routine. It just takes an insane amount of time to do every day, especially in the morning when I'm trying to get ready, eat, and get to class on time (I'm a college student). I cleansed as usual in the shower this morning, but when it came to the treatment step I barely applied any bp, just a finger tips worth, and it absorbed quickly and saved me about 5-10 minutes. Still moisturized of course, because until I do that my skin is very dry from the c
  17. I'm considering quitting completely in a few months. Maybe once my new bottle of bp runs out. I'd like to be able to just cleanse and spot treat with bp if needed... Nervous about stopping though because the regimen is awesome. But damn does it take forever, and mess with your skin.
  18. Swj48

    Moisturizes very well Takes care of flakes Doesn't need added jojoba Very light Easy to apply and absorbs well Smells really funky when applying Leaves me kind of oily/greasy looking Yellow tint Overall, I love it. Best moisturizer I have used, and I've used many. The yellow tint and smell are the only real downsides. It makes me a little greasy looking but not bad at all and better than most moisturizers. Gets rid of ALL my dryness. I only use jojoba at night for e
  19. Dan says don't wash your face after a workout unless it is time to do your morning or nightly regimen. Working out and sweating doesn't contribute to acne, so just pat the sweat away with a towel and call it good.
  20. Well today I went with no added jojoba. Worked great. Still felt and looked oily like I did add jojoba though.. Kinda weird but maybe it's just cuz I've been using so much jojoba lately. Will see if that stops in the next few days. I'm gonna go with no jojoba for awhile unless it seems to not be working.
  21. What products are you using? I had the same problem with being super dry between cleansing and bp but then I changed cleansers and it was much better.
  22. Anyone else think it kind of smells like a mixture of beer and dirt? Lol kinda funky. Don't smell it after I rub it in but it definitely stinks at first.
  23. Well I used it this morning, and so far it is great. Only complaint I have is that my face has been feeling a little sticky. Hopefully that will subside as the day goes on. I used 2 full pumps and 2 drops of jojoba oil this morning. May try the layering method in the future if I don't like how this works. Also thinking about not using jojoba oil tomorrow morning to see how the moisturizer works by itself. If I can use jojoba just at night that would be ideal, because it makes me pretty shiny
  24. Hmm. Ok I will give that a shot as long as it doesnt make the regimen process too much longer. At least in the AM. My problem is in the mornings because I'm a college student and I have a work out class early then hardly any time to get home, shower, get ready and eat and get to my next class lol but thanks for the tips!
  25. Initial reaction: good enough. Added 4 drops of jojoba and used about a pump and a half. Fine so far but nothing amazing. Will see if I look dried out or moisturized in the morning, then the daytime application which will be the big test. I like how it feels though, and it goes on very smooth which is nice.