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  1. i get where you are coming from as ive advised others the same way when they are starting it for the first time, but it is the drastic difference in my skin's reaction this time around that has me most concerned. it is extremely itchy, which it never was before, and it is making my acne worse, which never happened before either. the dryness is off the charts compared to the first time as well. it is just weird to me how it can cause much worse side effects the second time around. so its not just
  2. Well shower/wash, wait 10-15 min, bp which takes 5 min, wait 10-15 min, moisturize which takes 5 min. Times 2 and that's between an hour and an hour and a half a day. When I would try to go faster before the first time I was on it I could tell I was not getting the same results. My skin is extremely sensitive so I have to go slow and be very gentle.
  3. this is my second time on the regimen. i posted a couple weeks ago about getting back on after being off since the beginning of june. long story short my acne hasnt been as bad as it ever was before doing the regimen the first time, but i just wasnt very happy with my skin after being off for awhile and wanted to give it another 6 months or so on the regimen to see where im at then. it hasnt been working this time. at all. its only been 2 weeks, but the first time i showed major improvement i
  4. that looks like an allergic reaction to me. i would stop the regimen until you can ask a doctor.
  5. haha yeah i figured i would just stop and see if maybe i had outgrown acne yet. evidently not! so ill get back to it and see how it goes! looking forward to being clear again for sure.
  6. ive always used purpose gentle cleanser on the regimen, but i picked up a bottle of this because it is on Dan's recommended products page and it is way more cost effective (huge bottle for only a few dollars more than the purpose) anybody have opinions on it? i used it for the first time tonight and i gotta admit it seems kinda weird to me because it doesnt lather or foam at all. seemed to cleanse well and my skin felt clean but just not sure if i like it yet.
  7. first some background... i started getting acne when i was 15-16 and now i am 22. the worst years were when i was 18-20, and then it started to tone down a bit and as of now i consider it mild acne. last year i started the regimen and it worked wonders. i was 99% clear in no time at all. the downside: how long it took, and the insane dryness and oily look it gave my skin. i quit the regimen completely back in June. I was weening myself off of the BP since the beginning of April, and took my time
  8. agree with the other responses regarding AHA. i would wait on jojoba until you start getting really dry and flaky and then you will know that you even need the jojoba. if you start using it right away you may be unnecessarily using it. as for what to expect: most people honestly see major results after just a few days. i remember when i first started the regimen i saw a BIG difference literally in one day. it was awesome. sometimes you will purge and breakout after the first week after you ex
  9. my guess would be you are getting dead skin, not moisturizer/bp coming off. it is probably flakes that come loose after you apply the moisturizer and then when you touch your face they are coming off and look like balls because it is dead skin all balled up from applying moisturizer. no biggie, hopefully the flaking will stop for you soon. flakes can last up to 6 months for some, and perhaps longer. for me they stopped coming after 3-4 months on the regimen. my skin would always be dry and requi
  10. try the jojoba first. it is much more natural for your skin and you may find that you dont need the AHA after adding jojoba. mix a few drops in your hand with your moisturizer every time you put it on. if you notice that it makes you really shiny right after applying, maybe only use the jojoba at night.
  11. I completely agree about shaving everyday on the regimen. I'm not on it anymore though so that's why I am now growing a beard. Also, I absolutely recommend the aveeno shave cream to everyone. It is the best there is, especially if you have acne or just sensitive skin in general. As for the hair growth, always shave with the grain. This reduces irritation and reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. On the right side of your face, shave to the right near the jaw if that is how it growing. And don
  12. Th aveeno is the best shave cream you could use so you are good there. I would suggest maybe trying an electric shaver. I know Dan says they cause irritation, but I have one and I love it and I think I get less irritation from that than I do from a regular razor. I would occasionally get a couple tiny whiteheads after shaving back when I was on the regimen. May just have to deal with it. Recently I have just been growing a beard so I haven't had to worry about shaving. Maybe you should just try
  13. Well, it's been a long process of weening off the regimen. It's been tough because it worked so well at clearing my acne. I was probably 99% clear after a few months on the regimen, and the severe flaking stopped shortly after that. However, the dryness never stops. The weird skin texture never stops. The tight feeling never goes away. My skin always looks extremely oily by the end of the day, no matter what I do. It still takes 30-45 min, twice a day, to do the regimen. It has basically made me
  14. takes me a long time. i always wait 10-15 min between each step, and applying bp and moisturizer doesnt just take a min or two like dan says. it probably takes me close to 45 min to do the regimen unless i rush then i can do it in 25-30 but i dont feel like i do it as good if i do it quick. the biggest thing i hate about the regimen is how long it takes... so inconvenient to do especially in the mornings before class or work.
  15. Likely caused by the neutragena on the spot. Because it is a cream it can do that. Don't worry, when you get dans bp you will be fine. Dan has absolutely the best bp on the market because it is 2.5% and it is a gel meaning it goes on easier and clear with zero residue. As far as your cetaphil lotion, that isn't the cause. I used that for awhile and sometimes still do if I need some extra moisture because it is super moisturizing. Dans cleanser and moisturizer aren't the best around, but they are
  16. I would very slowly reduce how much bp you use. Don't jump right to once a day. Slowly go down from your 1.5 pumps twice a day to 1.25 pumps twice a day, then 1 pump twice a day, etc etc. eventually get down to only once a day. Right now I do .5 pumps twice a day, and am about to go down to .5 once a day. It is a long and slow process slowly reducing the bp but it is worth it because you ensure that you stay clear which is the overall goal. Good luck.
  17. Purpose gentle cleansing wash is awesome. Give it a try.
  18. Hope your new water only regimen works out for you! I've been reading a lot about simple regimens like that where in the morning you only use the water from the shower, no cleanser at all, and at night either doing the same thing or using a cleanser at night only. No other products. Seems like the reasoning behind it is to let your skin just be normal and it will heal itself and balance out which will stop the acne. I definitely have major skin imbalance due to the regimen. Dry and oily and weir
  19. I have been on the regimen since September. It works. No denying that fact. The dryness and peeling drove me crazy, just like most people, but for the past few months I have been much less dry and basically no peeling or flaking. My skin is probably 98% clear. I get an occasional zit but never really more than 1 or 2 at a time. I'm very happy with my skin as far as acne goes. I went camping a week ago and didn't wash my face with ANYTHING, not even water, for 4 days... That didn't really help lo
  20. For me it took until around weeks 5-6 to see improvement in the dryness. And I really wasn't seeing dramatic improvement until 4-5 months in. Now I don't have a problem with dryness and I don't even need to use the full two pumps of moisturizer. Here is a tip to help it improve quicker though: apply moisturizer in two steps. Use one pump and apply all over, then wait 5-10 min, then apply another pump. That should help. Other than that just hang in there. Everyone is different but the regimen wil
  21. I simply do the regimen morning and night. If I work out mid day I just pat sweat off with a towel and that's it. I then wait til before bed to do the regimen again. I wouldnt recommend a shower mid day after working out. Even if you don't do the regimen at that time. I just try and work out at night if I can.
  22. Honestly, just use all of dans products. That will help.
  23. You are still early so this is all normal. Flakiness is a price to pay for clear skin on this regimen. It'll get better and mostly subside, but not til you are 3-6 months in. Try mixing 5-6 drops of jojoba oil with your moisturizer in your hand each time you apply. I do this only at night because extra jojoba makes me very shiny looking, but it helps a lot with flakes. Hang in there and good luck!
  24. I don't usually use sunscreen on my face, even on the regimen. Some people including Dan swear you need it, but I don't really think so. I haven't experienced any more skin sensitivity to sun since being on the regimen. The only time I use face sun screen is when going on vacation somewhere tropical. Been to Hawaii and th caribbean recently and I used it then because the sun is so strong in those placesand I'm from the pacific northwest. When I was there I used neutragena face sport sunscreen SP
  25. My girlfriend does spray tans occasionally for certain occasions and my advice based on what she does is do it after cleansing your face (moisturizing if you need to) but not after doing the whole regimen. You want your skin to be as natural and clean as possible. You don't want a bunch of bp and lotion on your face when you get it or it won't go in as well on your face. After the time period you are suppose to wait after getting it passes, you can do the regimen fully and shouldn't experience a