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  1. i quit the regimen after being on it for awhile for pretty much the same reasons as you. it worked great, but the time, the dry skin, all the cons just began to outweigh that and take just as much of a toll on me as acne itself did. anyway, i switched to using Oxy face wash and it is working well. I also started taking some vitamins and minerals which have really helped me. i take the following once a day: zinc, vitamin a, vitamin b complex, vitamin e, and vitamin c. i would recommend adding those to your diet. you may also consider taking fish oil or flaxseed oil. that will help as well.

    I feel you on being frustrated with the regimen though. i couldnt take it for more than a year.

  2. Oxy makes a sensitive skin face wash that is only 5% bp and it is fragrance free, but it is very difficult to find. i randomly saw it in the bathroom of someone's house during a house party and when i went to try and find it i couldnt. i checked several stores.. maybe try online? i just gave up looking after awhile. i am using the regular oxy face wash that is 10% right now and it is working pretty well. might try finding this one again though now that i am thinking about it lol

  3. Yes, only apply the bp in the morning, but still do the cleanser and moisturizer at night. My recommendation would be to do the bp at night though. It will allow you to care less about what you look like since you won't be going to school or anything after, and it will save you time in the morning getting ready before school if you do the bp at night only for this first week. Obviously after this week you will be doing it both though. As for applying it all over or not, I wouldn't apply it all over if I just had acne on my chin and jaw. Just apply to those areas, but make sure you get the nearby surrounding areas as well. Like for your jaw, apply up your chick about half way, don't just out it right on the pimples and leave it. You need to treat the surrounding area as well. But for your nose and forehead, for example, no reason to apply there if you are only getting acne on your chin and jaw.

  4. Well I've pretty much done everything there is as far as topical treatment goes. The regimen worked for me but the dryness, time commitment, and other downsides eventually became too much for me to put up with any longer. Now I am still getting some acne, but not bad. The only thing I haven't tried is nutrition and health. Changing my diet is tough. I like food too much and I honestly am just not willing to give up the things that are potentially linked to acne. I work out 3-4 times per week so that is good. So I am going to try some supplements. I already take a protein shake on days I work out and it contains plenty of good stuff. Now I am going to take zinc, vitamin b-complex, and vitamin e daily. I've done tons of research and these 3 seem to be the most linked to a reduction of acne when taken correctly and in the right dosage. We'll see how it goes! I know some people who had great results with zinc and vitamin e only, so I'm hoping I get the same good results.

  5. Your acne can change as you get older and your body changes. From puberty through about age 25 our bodies a in major development stage and hormones are fluctuating periodically. This can lead to changes in acne symptoms. I use to get acne the worst on my nose when I started getting it around age 15, then at age 17 it moved to my cheeks and jaw/neck and I got nothing on my nose. I kept breaking out on my cheeks for years (and still do a little but not much) and my jawline cleared up after a couple years. Now, at age 23, I am breaking out primarily around the sides of my mouth. I have never had acne on my forehead except for an occasional small pimple very rarely. Obviously I've been dealing with acne for 8 years now once it seems to move to a different part of my face the old areas that got it do not seem to be acne prone anymore, so I'm hoping that now I am in my final stage unless it moves to my forehead next. I am pretty positive it is because of hormones as I mentioned above. As your body changes your skin can as well. Really the only thing people with acne can do is treat the best you can and wait for it to go away on its own and stop coming back. For most people this happens around age 25, but some continue to get "adult acne" after age 25. I wouldn't go crazy trying to figure out what is causing your forehead to get acne now, because it is likely some underlying factor like hormones that you can't control. But know that you are not alone, and there is a chance your breakouts may move somewhere else next.

  6. i always wash my hands with regular hand soap before i wash my face, but before applying moisturizer or bp or anything else after that i just give them a quick 5 second rinse with warm water, not soap again. better to get any extra oils off your fingers before touching your face, especially if you are doing anything at all between regimen steps. you can get oil build up, germs, bacteria, etc. from touching anything. why risk adding that to your face?

  7. if you get a tattoo, you are supposed to be washing it with soap on a regular basis. you then need to apply lotion to it, my tattoo artist always recommends lubriderm non-scented for me after i get a new tat. DO NOT do the regimen on your new tattoo until it has FULLY healed, which takes about 30 days. honestly i would recommend not getting a tattoo in a place where you are acne prone. idk the long lasting effects of using bp over a tattoo because i only have them on my arms and shoulders where i do not get acne, but i assume it cannot be good for the ink. just my opinion but id recommend reconsidering the location of your new tattoo and getting it somewhere where you do not break out. if you end up doing it on the chest still, DO NOT do the regimen over it for AT LEAST 30 days. allow it to properly heal. just wash it with soap and water in the shower every day and apply lotion (i recommend the lubriderm that i mentioned above - it works great for me when i get a new tattoo and as i said my tattoo artist says it is the best)

  8. starting the regimen for the third time. ive done it two separate times already and ended up quitting each time. first time i did it for over 6 months, got completely clear, slowly weened off the bp, then got down to cleansing and moisturizing with spot treatment at night before bed if needed. i did that for about 3 months and was happy with my skin still and glad to be off the regimen because the amount of time it saved me was awesome, then decided i wanted to grow a beard for the first time and i figured i would just have to do it and find out if it made my acne worse... and it did. after about 6 weeks of beard growing, i shaved it off, and started the regimen because i had broken out pretty bad underneath all the hair and i wanted to clear it up quick. this time i really only did the regimen for about a month, and it got me about 90% clear, which was good enough for me, so i went back to what i was doing after i weened off the regimen the first time. but now, it isnt working as well. been doing it for about a month and a half and i am breaking out worse than i have since before starting the regimen originally. dont have the time nor the desire to spend money on a derm, so here i go again. third time on the regimen starting tonight. might stick with it for awhile again and then slowly ween off like i did the first time i quit. that seemed to work for me. definitely wont be trying to grow a beard again though thats for sure lol that just effed everything up. the regimen definitely works but i still am so back and forth because of the many downsides. oh well. we'll see how it goes this time around. setting a goal to stick with it for at least 3 months before i think about weening off the bp again. i just needa find that place i was in after i quit the first time. gotta get clear first though, and the regimen is the only thing that can do that for me.

  9. i had a flaking problem for awhile. through process of elimination and just studying things i discovered that the flaking was being caused by my cleanser. what fixed it for me was trying different cleansers until i found the right one. i still get dry and need to moisturize, but no more flakes. i settled on Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. give it a try maybe. if it doesnt work for you, look at what dan recommends and also check the reviews on the site and try some that have good ratings by acne.org users. good luck.

  10. 1. yes. within the first week of starting the regimen i had significantly less active acne appearing each day. by the middle of my 2nd month on the regimen i was 98% clear.

    2. you need to know that it works, but it is tough to stick with it. the side effects definitely take their toll for the first 6 months or so. dry, tight, flaky skin. redness and irritation is very possible, but wont last forever. it takes a long time. be ready to commit at least 30 min each morning and 30 min each night to the regimen. constantly oily looking skin is very possible depending on your skin type and what moisturizer you use. there really are a lot of things to consider regarding the regimen, but it comes down to a question to ask yourself: are these things worth it if it gives me clear skin? lots of the side effects will subside after a few months, but the dryness is one that never really will. flakiness will stop, but you will always need to use moisturizer.

    3. try not to touch your face. avoid irritation to your face at all costs. read dan's suggestions about this. if you grow facial hair make sure you keep your face clean shaven. facial hair, even just stubble, will cause irritation when you are applying the bp and moisturizer and it can also limit the absorption of the products. other than that its just stay committed and follow it to a T as dan prescribes.

    4. yes you should try this regimen. give it a shot. it has worked for so many people. yes there are side effects, but no real health effects. there is a very good chance you will end up with clear skin if you do everything 100% as dan tells you to. battle through the downsides of it (dryness, time commitment, etc.) and keep the end goal in mind. you will likely show significant improvement after 3 months on the regimen. some people clear up quicker, others take more like 6 months.

    good luck. hope this helps you decide.

  11. well first of all, if you only have acne on your forehead, only use the treatment on your forehead! and you should not be using AHA if you have only been on the regimen for 10 days. you are supposed to wait at least 1 month before adding AHA to the mix. i would recommend only apply the treatment to your forehead if that is the only problem area, and simply cleansing and moisturizing the rest of your face. no need to treat skin that does not get acne. stop using the AHA for at least a month if you are currently using it. and make sure to moisturize plenty. good luck.

  12. i have recently found salicylic acid to be the best treatment for my skin. and i have VERY sensitive skin like you. i recommend trying it out and getting off anything else that may be affecting your skin. if i were you, i would go get a very gentle skin cleanser (i recommend Dan's or Purpose gentle cleanser) and buy a box of stridex salicylic acid pads, and a good face moisturizer (i recommend Dan's or Cetaphil) and use those 3 every morning and every night, similar to doing the regimen but instead of bp you just quickly wipe your face with the SA pad and let it dry, then moisturize. i have been doing this recently and it has eliminated a lot of the side effects of the regimen and bp, and my skin has reacted favorably. even if bp works better for clearing your skin, SA is definitely much less harsh on the skin and better suits people with sensitive skin like you and me. good luck.

  13. if it is acne, there is a very good chance the regimen will work if you are religious about doing it EXACTLY as Dan prescribes, twice a day, every day. it works for most people if done correctly. be prepared for the side effects though. the first few months can be very rough. good luck.

  14. you are going to find "studies" on each side of the argument for any treatment. simple answer is, both BP and SA (salicylic acid) which are the two main acne treatments available over the counter are proven to be safe to use regularly by the FDA. find which one works for you and your skin and use it to treat your acne as best you can. you arent going to win the war (curing acne) but you can win the battle with diligence and persistence and consistency (clearing your skin). as far as BP being a must for treating acne as maximus says, i disagree. for me, SA works better. it is all individually determined. as i said, find what works, and use it.eventually your body will stop naturally producing acne but until then, treat it as best you can in a way that you feel comfortable with. but i would not worry about BP or SA causing cancer.

  15. as AKL says, there is nothing that can "cure" acne. some people claim that diet is the key to preventing acne, some people say accutane is the only thing that will make it go away for good. and MANY people say nothing will cure acne. you simply must continue treating it as best you can until it naturally stops showing up. everyone is different. different treatments affect everyone differently. the regimen works for many, but for some, it does not. and the regimen is simply a way to treat acne and minimize the symptoms, it is not a cure. find what works for you. if it is the regimen, great. if the regimen works but the side effects and time commitment is too great (which was the case for me) quit it and find something else that does a good job. no matter what, you gotta keep treating your acne until it just goes away on its own. when that will happen is anybody's guess. it is all genetics really. good luck!

  16. Ween off the bp VERY slowly... Like reduce half a pump per month. It will take a few months to be off it but trust me, that is what you need to do. I've heard all these stories about people quitting quickly and having major breakouts but I did it over a course of 3 months and never had a terrible breakout. If you quit bp too fast you will probably get a ptty bad breakout and that could trigger more and more that follow. Also, be prepared to be fighting dry skin for a looooong time. I quit the regimen back in June and still have dry skin problems. Obviously not as bad as on the regimen, but doing the regimen basically completely altered my skin and now it just won't go back to normal. Any cleanser leaves me dry and any moisturizer doesn't cure the dryness completely. The next time I cleanse, dry again. Good luck.

  17. first week or so was the best for me when i did the regimen. i saw IMMEDIATE results. literally did it the first night and could tell a difference the following morning. most people's biggest mistakes when trying to treat acne are washing to roughly, and not moisturizing. whereas with the regimen, it is more about technique than product i think. extremely gentle cleansing and gentle touch in the other 2 steps as well, and ALWAYS using a moisturizer. the moisturizer is the most important part as dry skin is actually one of the main causes of acne but most people dont realize this and they think that dry tight skin is clean skin. follow it as dan prescribes to a T and you will be fine.

  18. just out of curiosity, has anyone ever tried the regimen using a salicylic acid treatment instead of benzoyle peroxide? in the past before discovering the regimen, i have found that SA works better than BP for me personally. Just wondering if anyone has tried using it in place of BP with the regimen and experienced success.

  19. dryness will never stop on the regimen. flakiness can last anywhere from 3-6 months on average. try mixing some jojoba oil with your moisturizer. a few drops in your palm with your moisturizer right before applying can go a long way toward preventing some of the flaking. you wont be able to stop it all though. just gotta wait it out and eventually itll subside. but you will always be experiencing dryness on the regimen. that is why the moisturize step is often referred to as the most important step, even moreso than the BP. good luck.

  20. Okay, I understand now. I don't count the 10-15 minute wait in between the steps as time spent doing the regimen as you're actually doing nothing at all.

    I just really think you're not giving the regimen enough time to work, regardless of how it worked for you the first time. I mean, with any other acne treatment, it would be crazy to only give it two weeks to decide whether or not it's working.

    i get where you are coming from as ive advised others the same way when they are starting it for the first time, but it is the drastic difference in my skin's reaction this time around that has me most concerned. it is extremely itchy, which it never was before, and it is making my acne worse, which never happened before either. the dryness is off the charts compared to the first time as well. it is just weird to me how it can cause much worse side effects the second time around. so its not just that i dont think its working (though it definitely is not working like it did the first time) but it is making my skin go crazy AND it still has all the cons that i didnt like before. thats why i am wondering if your skin can develop different reactions to treatments over time because it basically is saying it doesnt want to be treated like that?

    An hour and a half is way too long, wait around 5-10 minutes between each step at the most, it takes me about 20 minutes to do the regimen every morning and every night, so about 40 minutes day, you could be cutting a lot of time in between. You don't necessarily have to rush but I notice I don't need to wait more than 5 minutes in between steps. I get that you have sensitive skin but even if it did take longer, clear skin is worth it to me, I get you don't like spending so much time, however sometimes you must make a small sacrifie to get something better in return. Especially when it comes to achieving clear skin, if you're not blessed with it, you have to work at it, it's a small price you have to pay for good skin, you have to make the decision if it's something you want to keep investing in, if not, there's other products available in the market, but if you found something that works for you, I suggest you stick with it.

    well the amount of time it takes is the #1 reason that i quit the regimen back in june after doing it for over 6 months. it really just does not work for my lifestyle and the type of person i am. i dont have the patience to keep it up and after the several months i was on it, even though it was definitely working, i just said screw it im done. tough call though for sure because nothing else has ever worked for me the way the regimen has, but the cons of the regimen just eventually have outweighed the pros for me at this stage in my life. and this 2nd time around im not even seeing the pros, even if it has only been a couple weeks, the side effects are worse as well. im not moping around or anything i was just seeing if people have had similar reactions after quitting and then starting again or something similar because it seems as though my skin has developed a bad reaction to it that i never had before. ive learned to deal with my acne a lot better now than i did before doing the regimen the first time so i think i am going to stay off of it, just was weird to me that this happened so thats why i posted about it.

  21. Well shower/wash, wait 10-15 min, bp which takes 5 min, wait 10-15 min, moisturize which takes 5 min. Times 2 and that's between an hour and an hour and a half a day. When I would try to go faster before the first time I was on it I could tell I was not getting the same results. My skin is extremely sensitive so I have to go slow and be very gentle.