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  1. I am a girl that is very very *VERY* interested in mechanisms that go on before and during the formation of acne. I am not a medical student, but what I am is passionate. I have been researching this topic for 8 years now (since I was 16). There is barely a day where I go without reading at least one study related to this subject, so I really am a proper nerd. Please, don't hold back using any medical terms Recently, I have been thinking what to do with all the scattered pieces of know
  2. Eating yoghurt is good in any case It's definitely not going to make things worse.. Hm, how do you know for sure there are no zombies? I think i might turn into one if i keep reading acne.org forum. It's a double edged sword. Some posts really get me depressed. Seems like people are not actually listening to each other but mostly talk about themselves, only ask. Livetoregret: I'd recommend you getting your thyroid checked. With that kind of THS you could have hyperthyroidis
  3. Livetoregret: Thank you for reading my post but you haven't read it carefully, that's ok. I claim quite the opposite. I am very much positive I would never write such a stupendous thing like: "once acne returns your other issues should improve". No need to apologize though if you think someone is wrong, it makes it seem like a verbal battle! IndigoRush: you're the one who started the thread, right? Nice to have the author around! The song you linked sounds really nice, i thought i might as w
  4. I'll also sign the petition as I feel really sorry for all of those who still haven't gotten any better... And I am sad that doctors are still prescribing this medication. This medications is highly toxic. And it isn't any better than taking loads of vitamin A supplements just because it has a special name. Yesterday I went to my doc.professor (he specializes in prevention of aging) and we talked about it. We were just debating. How this medication will affect your body really depends on s
  5. So for all accutane victims it would be better to just eat vegetables for vitamin A since body decides whether it is going to convert beta carotene to retinol or not. Problem solved. I've been studying physiology last night and I was reading about liver and bile and such. Yellow colored stool could mean an intestine problem or liver problem(there are other reasons as well). Your liver excretes bile. Bile contains bilirubin which gives green-yellow color. When bile gets into the intestine,
  6. acne1776: i see. what if i just try to go for really long walks as much as possible so i loose fat but make my muscles stronger at the same time? And once I loose some fat replace it with new one? This sounds really silly i know. sdro123: vaporization sounds ok:) hmm it's a shame marijuana is illegal! Our neighbor country is deciding whether to make it legal or not. I hope it's our turn soon! Thank you for explaining, i'll see if i can buy it here. No, no Walmart We have our own stores! L
  7. when you overdose on vitamin A your body starts storing it in fat tissue as a way to get it out of the bloodstream. the trick to detoxing is getting it out of your stored fat tissue and back into your bloodstream so your liver can remove it. that is why long term water fasting has at least moderately helped pretty much everyone who has attempted it. when you water fast your body has to break down fat tissue which releases stored vitamin a back in the bloodstream. How do you do it? The water
  8. If it's unbearable you should stop taking Accutane! Accutane could cause seborrhea or any other scalp condition(that could last forever-a lifetime). Especially if you're getting such side effects so early in your course... This mean you are sensitive. Think again when you continue to take it. You should really consider the importance of having visually(not internally/ on molecular level) normal skin or overall health. I had terrible side effects. And i got acne after 6 months so it was almost
  9. oli girl: thank you for replying! Yes, salmon oil is different since it's not oil from just liver. It has three times less vitamin A than cod liver oil. Oh my god this sound awful. But I think taking cod liver oil would have as bad side effects for someone who took accutane as for someone who didn't. Eating to much beef liver or any kind of liver is harmful, my mom used to tell me all the time. So it's bad for anyone. But it is even worse for those who still have high amounts of vitamin A in t
  10. sdro 123: i did get it checked and she said everything's normal. my ovaries were ok:) no pcos i am very grateful for that... I heard about the benefits of marijuana. I have to admit I've only tried to smoke a cigarette once let alone pot. I mean, if you really do a research about it there should be no harm in trying. Oil I think is much better choice. I have nothing against smoking ..But it is harming your lungs like cigarettes, causing inflammation of your lung cells. How does the vaporizatio
  11. I am not entirely sure if these things helped or my body regenerates so quickly. But yes, salmon oil capsules (salmon is healthier than any other fish) helped my back i think, it got better very quickly!! Although it hurt a lot, i couldn't do PE (at school) and when i bent over or backwards my back would hurt a lot. Also when i lied down. Like a 80 years old lady! I think my back needed around 3 months to get normal. I think now my back is back to where it was before. No, i didn't have any bo
  12. I would just start by google searching. I did areas/locales of people close to home since I know of them/can visit in person if need be. I'm going to do a little bit each week. I will post new stuff if i stumble upon it! Isn't cod liver oil dangerous to take after Accutane? What are your guys' thoughts? I wouldn't recommend cod liver oil or fish oil of any kind , a few years ago I took fish oil for a month or so and my back seized up for three days , not fun , so NO I wouldn't recommend
  13. Hello, I am trying to buy Retin-A online, I live in Europe. So, there's not alot of European sites that sell Retin-A without prescription. There's so many people who buy from this american site that sells a bunch of tablets and creams but the shipping is to expensive for me... Because I only want to try out Retin-A so I only need a tube or two. Did any of you buy retin-a from here(i hope i can post this link, is it allowed?): http://www.facebay.eu/? I read about it here: http://www.skinca
  14. My advice is to just eat healthy, drink lots of water, take salmon oil capsules. Don't exercise too much. I had really bad lower back pain so it's really harsh on body..So just take a good care of yourself. And just try to get it of your mind because it makes no difference you know. Don't think about side effects and problems unless there are any. Chapped lips, dry skin, dandruff are "normal" side effects..When/If you get anything more serious, ask derm about it..But to tell you the truth-imo