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  1. Hi there! Yes, things seemed to improve after the 3 month mark, and then definitely after the 6 month mark. I still break out, but birth control has helped significantly with the hormonal breakouts (although I can't remember which one I was on when i posted this, I am currently on Ocella which is generic of Yasmin) actually, the biggest thing that has helped me is switching to an all-natural skin care routine - I use the oil cleansing method to wash off makeup, cleanse with raw honey, an ACV ton
  2. Liquid Gold

    This stuff has changed my liiiiiifee, no joke. I'll spare you the 20 min intro where I talk about how long I've had acne, that I've tried everything under the sun, blah blah blah. All that's really important is that there comes a time where you are SICK of dealing with acne and are determined to find something that works. Low and behold, ACV! If you think your acne may be hormonal or diet related I highly suggest you try this. I started drinking Bragg's ACV (diluted, of course - 1 tbs to a glas
  3. g0oo0f

    Powdered Gold!

    Powdered Gold!

    I honestly can't believe this doesn't have more reviews due to all the hype about Turmeric lately! This amazing natural spice, in conjunction with ACV, is solely responsible for clearing up my skin. I already wrote a post about ACV (which is liquid gold)...well this sh*t is powdered gold! I literally have not had this clear of skin since...um, ever? I use a brand name turmeric from the regular grocery store, it's super cheap. I've been using a variety of masks with this stuff for a little o
  4. Alright so I have big news, not to be the devil's advocate or anything here....and I don't mean to counteract anything anyone has said, but this is just my personal story and advice, do with it what you will!! but....I have been waiting to say this, and I am so glad I finally can. I am at the END of month 5, and I am CLEAR. Like, pretty much completely f"cking clear!! I thought I would never see this day, like you all who have commented before this I KNOW how frustrating it is, goddamn I wan
  5. Hey all - love that this board is getting so much traffic now. Glad we can all be there for each other and give and take advice! @Ferrara - hang in there girly! Seriously, my acne sounds SO similar to yours - and we are at pretty much the same stage into Diane (i think you're a couple weeks behind me) but I SOOOO FEEL YOU!! I am so frustrated too, every time I think it's finally clearing up, a week later I start getting breakouts again... thinking back to it, the exact week that you're in I
  6. Hey everyone! Wooooww it's been a minute since I've been on here...glad to see other people are joining in on the fun So it's been awhile since I updated, was coming on here kinda bummed to tell you guys that it hasn't been easy these last couple weeks...but then I read everyone's posts and now I feel somewhat better! Laura, it's good to know that you still had ups and downs in month 4. I just finished month 4 and am STILL breaking out, so frustrating! It sounds exactly like you said - i'll be
  7. Ferrara! Welcome!! I'm so happy to see another newbie join and post updates as well ) our story and skin sounds SOO similiar - to a T! I know exactly what you mean about thinking it's getting better, than you start to break out again...so frustrating. So don't hesitate to vent if you need to, I sure did and it helped a lot. You're right about the first 3 months being hell. Month 4 was where I've seen the most improvements, by far. So stick with it, you can do it!! I think in the next two weeks y
  8. Awww so bummed to hear that Laura Vent all you want though, you got me through my tough times, I'm here to get you through yours it definitely could have something to do with your diet though. Or maybe you've been stressed out? I know that stress plays a BIG role in my acne. Whenever I'm stressed, I can tell because I break out like crazy!! About the antibiotics - it may be something to look into. I've really appreciated the Erythromycin gel my doctor prescribed, and I actually just spoke to
  9. FOR ONCE I HAVE GOOD NEWSI still don't want to get too ahead of myself.....but I think it is finally safe to say that the Diane has kicked in!! My skin looks 10x better than it did a few weeks ago...I will upload pics soon because I finally have the confidence to actually post a picture ...i only have a few, so maybe I will make a comparison chart with the pics I took in month 2 to the pics I will take in month 4. Finally I can actually see a difference!!!! My skin is feeling smoother and health
  10. Hey there - as a fellow Diane user, I hope I can be some help to you (but probably not too much) :-P I am about to start my 4th pack of Diane, and have only recently started seeing improvements. Trust me, I know how friggin frustrating it is... you can check out my log if you'd like and you'll see - I have had the same struggles as you have and boy has it been a roller coaster. I feel your pain!! I am no where near clear yet, but I think I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. The only
  11. Hey there - lemme start off by saying I'm not on Spiro, but I am on Diane, which supposedly is somewhat similar to Spiro in terms of hormonal therapy. Anyways, I feel like I just went through exactly what you're talking about! I just finished my third month of Diane, and experienced a pretty big breakout on my period, which was weird and not normal for me - (usually I break out the week BEFORE my period, and clear up the week OF) this made me super frustrated and I am just now clearing up from
  12. I think you actually look very pretty as a blonde! you're lucky, you can pull off both colors, like me I'm blonde now but I've gone dark before, and have been considering going back to the dark side for awhile! But I need to get my skin in control first before I even think about doing that, I need all the confidence I can get right now! So I REALLY don't want to speak too soon, because I have before and things got worse again......but I'm excited so I feel I need to update and tell you guy
  13. g0oo0f

    Helps make popped pimples heal faster doesn't do anything to prevent pimples from forming smell is very strong tube goes pretty fast **NOTE** this review is for the GEL, not the oral tablets. Luckily, it didn't dry me out or make my skin flaky like it did to some people. But, after a month I am barely seeing any improvement anymore, I am still breaking out ...although it does help for pimples that are just popped, like a spot treatment. Make them turn to a scab and flake off fas
  14. Girrrrl you look amazing!! And hehe, yes herb is amazing as well But fo real, your face looks absolutely flawless in your pics...congrats, I am so happy for you!! You're right, it does seem like my skin is worse than yours was. I am really at a loss for what to do. Upon just talking to my sister (who did Accutane) the first thing she said was "eeeeek..i dunno..." Apparently she is really frustrated with her skin right now too, which means even after 2 rounds of Accutane she is still breaking
  15. Yes Kirst, I have tried a few antibiotics (oral), but none recently. A few years ago (back in high school) I tried tetracyclin, and monocyclin. Although I can't remember much about the process, I remember that both didn't do much for me. I am open to trying another oral antibiotic though, but my doc seemed like she didn't really want to prescribe any to me...when I asked for an oral antibiotic she kinda brushed me off and immediately prescribed the ery gel without even really consulting me. I HA