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  1. So Dan, I'm a little surprised to be honest. It took you about 10 years to reply and your entire argument as currently presented is; Science is not irrefutable and thus I can say whatever I like and pass it off as actual information. Yeah, sorry, that's still not how it works. But allow me to show you the error of your ways once again lest you continue to hold the notion you are anything but a total fool; First off, let me remind anyone reading this thread that I'm not here to cause c
  2. You simply cannot allow your acne problems to control you. It sounds trite of course, but you are doing a massive disservice to yourself by living amongst self-replicating negativity. I understand comments, particularly from children, are very damaging, but I promise you that a good portion of the things you encounter are imagined. You are always going to be the most intimate with your own face, therefore even tiny flaws will stand out like grotesque monuments should you spend to long making th
  3. You guys are mental midgets, I'm sorry to break the news to you. That you can't wrap your mind around this being a possibility for SOME PEOPLE is truly disturbing in ways that you probably don't understand. Despite all this mumbling about science and physiology, it appears you don't understand science in the slightest. You can't just make a study that "disproves" something when people are definitely experiencing a strong correlation/causation relationship between the act of ejaculation (masturba
  4. BP tends to aggravate the appearance of acne marks so that's probably why it looks worse. I had a rash on my cheek once that bore some resemblance to that picture, but then I went skiing in the French Alps without sunscreen and literally burned my face off, which ended up curing it. Not the best idea however.
  5. If you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to get a head start on reducing acne marks you can always james bond it and go with laser surgery/therapy or that wire scraping method that removes layers of skin gradually. In my case, once my breakouts came to an end I was actually so relieved to be able to smile without parts of my face hurting that I stopped caring about the blotchy inconsistency of my face. I was too busy fawning over the smooooooooooooothness to notice all the aftermath marks of acne and
  6. Generally the more people devote themselves to destroying one ULTRAPIMPLE the drier, more irritated and noticeable it becomes. Retin-A and the clean and clear sounds like desertification considering you recently jumped on it. Leave it alone.