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    music, drums, painting (including drawing), books (Oh, I love books!), doing something useful, but creative (like crafting my own pencil-case, or make decorations from metal wire for water-bowl), I want to make my own easel, but my parents don't want it... And by the way - I'm aq really, really big daydreamer - when something is coming up I can create a thousand scenarios in my head.
  1. On the late December (to be more specific - it was 29th of December), 2012, I decided to try not so known South Korean 'Acfine' cosmetics. What I'd got was three products to start with: Cleansing Foam, Moisture Skin and Moisture Lotion. It was hard at first, because there was a very little information about the products in English, but somehow I've sorted it out. First, you have to clean your skin with cleansing foam for 2-5 minutes. It lathers pretty good, so it was a little bit suspicious
    The cleanser is nice to skin, doesn't lather too much; I liked the cream no fragances Is overpriced; Lotion is based on alcohol, which is harsh for my skin; Skin feels irritated; Works just like every other regimen This product line is just the same as every other regimen, but instead it has no fragances or irritators, except the alcohol. I have read too much information after all these years and am disappointed to see, that this line isn't different from all the others
  2. So I decided to use Hemp oil (it's not made from Cannabis which is used for smoking). My mom tries to buy natural products, because they are cheaper and not so harsh. By the way, I heard the oils could help heal your natural skin microflora and boost immunity. I am currently using "Himalaya" Neem Cleansing foam and Cannaderm cream for acne ( cream is with 15% of Hemp oil). My skin was combination and now it's oily-normal, Caucasian race. Internally, I take Sea Buckthorn oil and 1000mg Ev
  3. Today I will go to my uncles birthday "party", hope the people won't enforce me to eat meat again...

    1. Yeah, I see this diet very extreme. And I think it's really not good to try this in winter time, when there's -30C outside. But when it's spring or summer, I'll definitelly try this! I don't think it's bad, well, except of the illnesses that may be caused by raw eggs and fish, but if you try little by little, your body will have the immunity to those bacteria. But I think that the biggest cons are that it's not good when you need a lot of energy that comes with fats (eg. in winter) and that for
    2. Well, Brewer's yeast internally help you to increase your immune system, and so - to better fight the bacteria. I'm using it for 3 months, but don't know which product really helped me - zinc, brewer's yeast, evening primrose oil, duac or differin. It's just that I think that combining few things is much more better than using something alone.
    3. I had a cyst that lasted two months. Usually for people it heal after a week or so, but somehow my acne heals veeery slow.
    4. I try not to exfoliate as much as possible because of my acne, but I guess you have no acne and just try to keep your skin clear, yes? Then I just have to say that it's still not good to do it frequently, because it irritates the skin. I think two times in a week is good. And if I were you, I would use cleanser and THEN exfoliator.
    5. The same with me - the first that I thought is that there's nothing wrong (Actually I'm kind of jelous that you have that great skin). Maybe you should use daily cream (hypoallergic) that should regularize your sebum? After some time your skin will cleanse by itself and you wouldn't need any treatment.
    6. Almost in EVERY site about acne there's written: DO NOT PICK ON YOUR SKIN. Even Dans recommended pimple pocking technique didn't guarantee you that your skin will be alright, because when you pop a pimple, you will damage your skins capillars and then the acne bacteria will spread in bigger area and your skin will be healing, that's why you get red scars when you pop. Ok, so please, even if it would look not so good, remember, that if you touch that one, after a week or later you'll get about fo
    7. Many say that egg white mask really lowers redness and lightens scars. Another option - vitamin A directly on the scar or you can use vitamins or eat food with it. This vitamin regenerates the skin. And another option is fish oil that is good for your skin overall. Read more in "Reviews".
    8. I've been fighting with acne two and a half YEARS now. Sure, they went like monts or weeks, but still I remembered those moments of depression and when I was afraid to go to school just because I've got one first pimple on my nose. (Sure - nose, the best place that you could ever imagine. Ironically). And I remember this summer camp, when other girls were bullying me just because of my face. That's worse than just knowing that people notice it. But you know what? While wiping my tears in the rai
    9. Well, human is always searching for perfection - that makes him to want to reach something more than others, that why most people want to be superstars etc. Just imagine, if when you reach goal, you wouldn't want anything anymore... It's just nature. I know that when I'll be clean of acne I will find something that I need to improve in myself.
    10. I feel bad for them and i understand them, but sometimes I really feel like I'm not alone too.
    11. Well, maybe I know that I do something bad for nature and maybe people as I was nine years old, but why do I have acne though I help others and try not to get into conflicts? I don't know what kind of karma is this... But I know that when I was in second grade, I was extremely bullying one boy with my "pals", though that was me, who first stopped doing that later. And now this summer I was bullied by one girl because I had an acne. And then other girls started to bully me too. I sometimes th