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  1. FIRST MONTH IS DONE! So, my first month on 30mg/day of Roaccutane is completed! I have to say, the side effects haven't been as harsh as I thought they'd be, there do seem to be a lot of horror stories that you read online describing excessive joint pain and the like. But, so far I've had no such trouble I've noticed that I have had some kind of IB, although not too severe (yet). I've noticed that the kind of spots I've been getting don't tend to come to a head, and I've had a couple of the
  2. Basically a picture summary of my time on Roaccutane :)
  3. Right, here's my next update. So far on my Roaccutane journey, i've experienced the following: Nosebleed (only one though, within less than a week of starting.) Dry lips (nothing that application of Vaseline at night and Carmex throughout the day can't handle though!) A reduction of breakouts A reduction in oil production (although, there's still a bit there, so I assume it'll reduce even further) A slight increase in pore size As you can see in the following pictures compared to my previous,
  4. Haha yes, that is a good way of looking at it Thanks very much, you too I started the gym today (weight lifting), no noticeable effect on my joints as of yet; we'll see as time goes on!
  5. Hey, just wanted to post a mini update. My lips are slightly dry, although not much. Last night I had a nosebleed, which was quite heavy I'd say. It started when I went to bed, then came back at 6. Looks like I'm gonna be a bleeder!
  6. Yeahhh, i'd agree with you there, that's what it feels like, I get the odd spot here and there but it's mostly clogged pores. Hopefully my forehead won't break out like crazy throughout my course haha! Thanks :)!
  7. I know what you mean haha, I usually have to wait about half an hour for the redness to subside, it sucks! I'm using Cetaphil now so hopefully it helps to reduce the overall redness.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but I thought it'd be best to post my images in a new post. Decided to use my phone to take pictures, as it's good enough! As you can see, my skin is olive (my genetics) and pretty oily, although I haven't showered yet today. So I guess these are my starting pictures, i'll update again 2 weeks today, on Wednesday the 12th October. I'll be updating every 2 weeks on a Wednesday, as it's a day off Uni. Enjoy! (If that's possible):
  9. Hey guys, cool to see people checking out my blog already! I've also read quite a few of your posts Paul; I hope you've been having success recently with your physical and mental struggles with acne. Day 1/2 Well, today is day 2, September 28th! I popped my first pills yesterday and took them with a glass of water alongside a good meal. Of course, i've not noticed any side effects as of yet though, so i'm gearing myself up for them. I'm going to be starting the gym on Friday, so hopefully
  10. So, today is the day when I start my course of Roaccutane! I went to the dermatologist today and picked up my first prescription, i'm using the actual brand name Roaccutane, not a generic brand which I feel much better about. I'm on 30mg a day for the first two months, then getting my dosage ramped up; I weigh around 8 and a half stone which equals just over 50kgs, so I guess my final dosage will be 50 or 60 mg a day towards the end, and i've been told my course will last a minimum of 4 months.
  11. Well, I actually use my cleanser after my shower, in the sink. So my face is really red before I even use the wash. It's not your default exfoliating wash either, it's a really gentle one, made to help regulate oil production . The beads are really tiny and you can't even feel them when you're using the stuff. Mostly i'm talking about old red marks which always come up as you've just washed your face.
  12. So, who hates when they wash their face? Not literally the act of washing the face, just the redness which appears. I really dislike when I wash my face (with hot, lukewarm or cold water) and all my old red marks come up from beneath my skin. I also dislike how the redness of current breakouts is accentuated! So, does anyone else hate seeing the redness of their cheeks when doing this? It just makes your face seem a thousand times worse in my opinion.
  13. Accutane works for all acne, it's just that people generally tend to go for it when acne affects their face because bacne/ chest acne can always be hidden. I'm sure if you've tried some antibiotics and shown your doctor the extent of your bacne, you could be a candidate for Accutane.
  14. Ahhhh I see Well the instructions say that "The normal dose is one Tetralysal capsule once a day, preferably in the morning. Tetralysal capsules should always be taken with a glass of water." I usually take mine when I go to bed with water, although I might switch to the mornings now i've read this. Generally I thought the assumption was that Lymecycline was trickier than Minocycline/Doxycycline because it has to be taken around times when food is not taken into the body? That's what i've alwa
  15. I'm so glad you made this correlation - I never thought about it before! I also did not have a single coldsore in the time when I was off this drug for a short while. Interesting theory! I think you could be right; perhaps it causes the immune system to be reduced, bringing out the coldsore virus?