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  1. I wouldnt ,get subscision first to raise the indented scars then laser to smooth out
  2. i have some fairly new icepick scars would it be bad to use glycolic acid products on them while theyre healing and new?or beneficial? Also would using glycolic acid products frequently expose my icepick scars nd make them look worse? (Im usingg avons retexturizing peel) Would it be a bad or good idea to get 50%+ glycolic acid peels done with icepickscarring?(ive seen people say that it will only reveal how deep they are etc Anyy input is appreciated P.s. im being kinda shortt because im on
  3. ahh been really busy! but my skins really tough and doesnt get irritated too easily only around my mouth area which i tend to avoid! so i dont have a problem with irritation at all but after i cleanse and dry my face and wait 10 mins or so and apply the avon and then wait another 20 mins or so then apply the bp it feels like there is a layyer of stuff on my skin from the avon and when the bp touches it then kind of just turn into a more runny type liquid substance, like if theyre canceling eacho
  4. doxy works wonders for me, i use 5%bp day and night aswell and and 2%sacylic acid on top of the bp after sunscreen ,ive been on doxy for about a year and have been experiencing hairless could be genetics my father and brother are bald but maybe its a side effect? hopefully X| but it should be working for the most part by the 7th week i still had pimples and some blackheads but anytype of pimples and bumps under the skin started to go away and all the active pimples @the skin the benzoyl and sac
  5. Seems like your skin is just red with a little bit of hyperpogmentation and maybe a alittle active acne i dont see any type of icepicks rollin boxcar or hypertrophic scars your skin is smooth.!
  6. Post pictures of your scars bro, im the same exact way, i pull a buncha pretty girls, buti hate my damn scars , there not like anything crazy or nothing but i still hate them,i see where your coming from though.
  7. Not sure where everyone is coming from saying that it doesnt, i worked in a restaurant for about a year and working in the kitchen its hot humid and theres alot of oil everywhere from frying grilling etc, im pretty sure since its hot your skin produces more oil, i remember coming home from work eachday and my face would be a mess felt so oily and disgusting, excess oil leads to clogged pores which leads to blackheads amd whiteheads plain and simple really, i cant find the article that had said c
  8. yeah cooking oils etc can break you out,so ive read,they used to break me out all the time when i worked in restaurant in the kitchen frying cooking etc, its hot humid ,feeels llike theres oil and breakout and zits in the air. goodluck hopefully it doesnt break you out like it did me
  9. so no one knows of any derms who do tca cross is california?
  10. should i wash my face after i use the pads then apply bp? or clean face then dry then pads then let it dry then bp? what would you guys recommend?
  11. ive been using it for about 3 years and its always been salicylic acid so yeahh
  12. AVON RETEXTURIZING PEEL :okayyy so im kind of not sure how to use these pads after i wash my face apply to a dry face then do i let it dry then apply my benzyol peroxide?? should i wait a certain amount of minutes before applying my benzoyl peroxide after using the pads? OR should i wash after again after using the pads? then apply bp