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  1. Hello fellow acne suffers. I have returned to acne.org not because I still have acne, but because I wanted to cheerfully say I have ZERO acne and have been clear for almost 1 full year without using any kind of medication. The only thing I use as a regimen is Elizabeth Arden's visible difference skincare line for oily skin. It does not contain any kind of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. My skin has never looked BETTER then it does now. All my hyper pigmentation marks are faded and my mild sc
  2. After years of dealing with acne breakouts and experimenting with different medication my acne one day just decided to stop. This has happened recently, almost 2 months ago. I was taking Diane 35, as well as Tetracycline to control my acne but I ran out of my prescription of Diane 35 and just slowly stopped taking Tetracycline. Worried that I would break out horribly like a lot of people on this website have described I just didn't end up breaking out at all. My face is actually better then it w
  3. Hello all! I wrote on this blog a long time ago while I was still in the process of getting clear skin while on Diane 35, and it has almost been a year since I've started Diane 35, and my face is 100% clear & stays clear every day for months and months at a time. My face finally has had time to heal and all of my acne scarring is almost gone. I had a few indented scarring but seriously all of them have filled out. My face looks awesome! To maintain absolute perfect skin I combined tetracy
  4. Don't have much of an update except on Sunday I did get a pimple on my cheek but I put some bp on it and it literally was gone like an hour later. :/ I am puzzled.. I've never had that before. But today I am 100% clear again and feeling fantastic. I am almost done package # 7.
  5. umm in month 4 my face wasn't always clear. I'd have a couple days where I'd be clear but then break out again and then clear up for a little bit. it was a rocky ride man. but yeah, still perfectly clear skin and it's been that way for a while now. like seriously the pills are working so well now, and I also think since I've also been using a custom form of dan's regimen it's been helping too.
  6. Hello, I am currently on Dianette and yes, unfortunately it does get worse before it gets better. I have no idea why it does this either but it does. Your acne will be absolutely unpredictable for the first 3 months but once you start getting towards the end of the 3rd month and start taking the 4th month packages you will start to see improvement. You will still get acne sometimes, but the breakouts will be A LOT better, trust me. I am on the 7th package of Dianette and for the past 3 weeks I h
  7. Okay guys I thought I'd update as well. I haven't gotten any new pimples in almost 2 weeks now! that is such an improvement. I even accidentally wore makeup to bad after a long night of partying and I didn't wake up with any new pimples on my face. ah this is awesome! stick with this drug, it gets so much better after a while. I am on my 7th package I think? yes, just awesome. oh & I am 100% clear.
  8. sarahm21 the first few months on Diane are up and down. it's like a little teaser. you'll be clear for a little bit then you'll break out insanely! but after like the 4th package or so it gets so much better, trust me. give the pills a chance! I am on the 7th package and my skin stays completely clear 98% of the time now.
  9. who cares, your skin looks great regardless!
  10. SEEEE what did I tell you? Month 4 is like when everything starts working! I love it when I am right. my face has cleared up once again and I am 100% cleaaarrrr, and it's staying that way for the most part. my scars are almost all gone, I still have them but they are so easy to cover with a little makeup now, where as before I had to put a shit ton on, NOT.FUN. life is good right now lol. I am still debating whether or not I want to go onto antibiotics. I hate the process of actually goi
  11. I feel much better. pimple on the left side of my face is almost gone, and no new pimples!
  12. PISSED OFF. my face was finally starting to feel better after the breakout I got earlier this week and then I get a new under the skin pimple on the other side of my face. it would be nice to have consistent clear skin, because lately it's been acting up and it's really bringing me down.
  13. aww yay I am so happy it's working for you! I'm in a foul mood right now. I think this week has been the worst skin week I've had in like 2 months. I broke out into massive pimples on the right side of my face all within a period of like 3 days! thankfully they all (3) are almost gone and the right side of my face looks normal again. I got home from school feeling confident and happy that my face was once again 100% clear, but once I had a glass of iced tea and a bagel with cream cheese on it I
  14. My face was covered in red marks a year ago but faded almost completely. that's the one positive thing about those red marks left from acne, they do go away, they aren't permanent. but it's important to get rid of the acne breakouts in order to get rid of the red marks.