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  1. Day 156: Beginning of Month SIX! Last couple of weeks on Accutane I LOVE this medication. If I had the contact information for whoever developed the drug, I would call/write to them and tell them how much it has helped me. My skin is near perfect now. Right now I do not have a single pimple on my face. In August '05 I couldn't count how many blemishes I had. It's amazing. The problem that remains is the marks left behind from years of acne. They are fading for the most part, but I am still
  2. Aha, thanks for clarifying that for me, nolifegamer. However, suing my best friend is not exactly an option for me. Unrelated to acne, but I now have two extremely large and noticeable black eyes as a result of this accident. Life is very funny.
  3. Thanks for the support sassy561 and AcneSuxx . AcneSuxx ....try not to peel. In places that are dry, lather the area with moisturizer. I hope everything works out for you. Give it time and don't give up! Hitman0283 ....What are you talking about in your post? please explain. lol
  4. Day 113 Well....got into a car accident today. I wasn't the driver, but the car flipped twice and landed on my side. Doctor and Police Officer said that if we hadn't had our seat belts on, we would have died. My face is now all scrapped up and I have a HUGE mega bump/bruise on my forehead. But the worst is my back. I am in horrible pain right now and can hardly move. It's terrible. Strange how just as my face gets better, I get into an accident and now have marks all over my face from that. B
  5. Day 110 Well, I have just about two months to go before my treatment ends. I must say that I am VERY pleased with the results so far. Right now I have just three active pimples. Not whiteheads, not blackheads, but pimples. I can't recall the last time I had a whitehead! For me, that is AMAZING! My skin never got dry, but I suppose that is just how it is for some people. The only side effect I really suffered was my lips getting chapped, which was easily cured by aquaphor. Now I am left wit
  6. DAY 93: Beginning of Month 4 Things are starting to look better. My red marks are in the beginning stages of fading, which is great. I only have a couple of active pimples right now. I am starting to get dry. A couple of days ago I was in Arizona, and my lips were soaking up the Aquaphor. It was crazy; I was constantly re-applying.
  7. DAY 84: Week 11 Well, I began my higher dosage on Sunday after learning that my blood results were fine. I woke up today with FIVE whiteheads on my chin! Five! What is this?! I thought that after 3 months, it is only supposed to get better. Oh well, I suppose many people do continue to breakout this late into the treatment. I had forgotten that I took pictures on my very first day on Accutane. I looked at the pics when I was home this weekend and was shocked. I forgot how bad my skin really wa
  8. DAY 77: Week 11 Skin is doing okay...not that fabulous though. Tons of red marks which are bugging the heck out of me. Well, I had my derm appointment today. My cholesterol was high again, but less than before. I should find out about this next blood test in a few days. I told her that I am not at all dry, and she said that she's going to up my dosage. Now I'll be taking 80 mg every other day, 40 mg the other days. She told me that Accutane helps to get rid of red marks, but not completely
  9. wow, what makeup/makeup brands do you use to make the red marks invisible?! Please share!
  10. Beware of Bare Escentuals! It can really break you out because of the ingredients. It can clog pores and cause acne. I used to use it and I really liked the coverage, but it broke me out a lot.
  11. DAY 68: I am very anxious to up my dosage, seeing as my skin is not dry whatsoever. Unfortunately I've been breaking out with whiteheads lately, on my chin. Very persistant. Hard not to pick. I really am trying not to though. My next appointment is the 19th.
  12. I am currently using Sense Matte. Sorry to disapoint, but it really is not that great. It does NOT cover red marks well, which is what I need. I tried layering it once to see if it would cover better, but instead it looked cakey and started to sort of peel. Also, does not really cover acne I have. I'm waiting until I run out, then I'm switching to the next brand, in my search to find the perfect cover up. I hope that helped.
  13. DAY 61 Aah, seems like these pimples are taking FOREVER to heal. It's like they are formed deep underground, and never go away.
  14. Thanks ItsyBitsyBetty...I'll definitely have to check on the dosage at my next appointment.
  15. ItsyBitsyBetty.... Wow! You are only 2 weeks behind me and your dosage has been upped so much. I think I'm definitely going to get my dosage upped next time I go to the derm because last time I was there she said that she thinks we should. What's weird about my treatment is that I have BARELY experienced any dryness whatsoever. It's strange. And my lips are chapped, but aquaphor takes good care of that. Have you tried Aquaphor?